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Escalators are for kissing

Bhavna lists her favourite Finn anecdotes, and gets to the Finnish in some time
(sorry couldn’t resist that pun!)

Escalators are for kissing… Finns are not big on public display of affection (atleast when sober). But there is something exceptional about escalators, especially those from a subway platform. It’s on those that they feel this strong urge to kiss their partners…. Just something I see 🙂

How they say ‘plus’ before saying the temperature as if it is such a rarity :). Like my favourite one, it’s plus 40 in Delhi in summer. Well it could not have been minus 40 right? I am so used to the minus being out of the ordinary that I would say it’s 10 degrees, not plus 10… In my head it is the Finnish twist to the metric system. The default is that temperature will be below freezing, so if it is ‘plus’ it deserves a super special mention. It’s like we Indians saying, it was MINUS 2 at night in Chandigarh… Perspectives, perspectives…

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from Ggn to Singapore

Lasha gets used to her life in Singapore after living in Gurgaon

I find myself bubbling with silent mirth when a taxi driver tells me the traffic situation in Singapore is pathetic and that the jams are horrible… coming from Gurgaon, where getting to office everyday was in itself an exercise in chance, I find it hilarious. How can anyone complain about a place where digital boards overhead show you exactly how many minutes it’s going to take you to go from where you are to your destination? And I mean EXACTLY.

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Quarter of businesses surveyed block social networking sites

One in four businesses block access to Facebook, social networking sites – Network World

Nearly one in four businesses block employee access to social networking Web sites such as Facebook and MySpace,according to a survey of about 200 human resources professionals.

With the number of Americans using social networking sites tripling in recent years, use of such sites has grown during work hours. People ages 35 and older are using MySpace and Facebook in droves.

Abhijit Bhaduri interviews me for his website

Interview: Gautam Ghosh : Abhijit Bhaduri’s Official Website

Gautam Ghosh is my favorite blogger
His blog is a limelight hogger
My rent will it pay?
Is blogging here to stay??
Or should I keep writing
on paper and just remain a logger?

During my last visit to Hyderabad, I caught up with Gautam Ghosh (popularly called GG) – the blogger. His blog has been featured in Business Blogs: A practical Guide written by William Ives and Amanda Watlington. His blog on HR and OD at has been listed as the fourth among the top 25 blogs in the world by You get the drift.

He is a networking junkie. At 1:54pm on 18 July 08 his Facebook page lists 992 people as his friends while on his friend count is an inconsistent 995. Clearly some of his friends from Facebook are avoiding him on Orkut. But then the list of his pals is fairly dynamic. By the time I shuttle between the two sites his friend count on Facebook is up by one. He is also on Twitter and Plaxo (and these refer to networking sites and not medication). We got talking about the future of the world – of blogging.

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On multiple intelligences

The Disadvantages of an Elite Education – By William Deresiewicz (hat-tip: Mansij)

The existence of multiple forms of intelligence has become a commonplace, but however much elite universities like to sprinkle their incoming classes with a few actors or violinists, they select for and develop one form of intelligence: the analytic. While this is broadly true of all universities, elite schools, precisely because their students (and faculty, and administrators) possess this one form of intelligence to such a high degree, are more apt to ignore the value of others.