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Geni adds video sharing

Geni, the place you can make family trees and invite family member to join and connect and to continue building the trees has added video sharing capability now.

According to an email they sent me :

Do you have a collection of family videos sitting on a shelf? Do you use a webcam to chat with distant relatives? Videos are a great way to capture special events and communicate with your family, but until now, they’ve been hard to organize and share. From baby’s first steps to wedding anniversaries, from family reunions to family interviews, now you can use Geni to organize and share your family videos.

video player screenshot

Geni’s new video feature offers:

  • Free, unlimited uploads
  • Fast, simple upload process
  • Videos are private to your Family

Adding videos to individual profiles and events adds another dimension to your family history. Your Family will be notified when you upload new videos, so they can view the videos and add comments. Uploading a video is easy, so get started today!

More details here. Sounds quite cool.

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Married But Available – Uncovered ;-)

Heh, caught your attention, didn’t I?

This is just a shout out to my friend Abhijit Bhaduri’s second novel – Married But Available – and it’s eye catching golden yellow cover with “married but available” engraved on a wedding ring.

Check it out yourself.

In case you don’t know, Married But Available is the sequel to Mediocre But Arrogant -a fictional story of Abbey – an MBA in HR. Noticed that both the books make the acronym of an MBA 😉 ?

Abhijit is a multi-talented guy. Apart from his day job as the Director of HR of one the world’s biggest tech firms, he also is a great cartoonist and even managed to act in the Shobhana – Irrfan Khan film Apna Aasman.

That’s called putting ALL of your skills to work!

CareerBuilder India starts a contest

In a crowded marketplace – new entrants tend to offer incentives to people to sign up, specially social networking and job sites.

First InfoEdge’s Brijj’s promises to send the person who adds the most people to their network to London.

Now Careerbuilder India, the desi version of the US job site in a move to get a larger pool of people into their database is tempting people with an iPod Touch. If you upload your CV to by 30th Sept then you would be entered into a contest to win an iPod Touch.

Hmm, why not the iPhone 3G I wonder. That would act as a bigger incentive, IMHO ;-)!

HRMS segmentation

If you have a great HRMS the key is to focus on the middle level enterprises. The VantageIS Blog quotes Gartner’s 2008 MarketScope for Large Enterprise HRMS

“The overall market for large enterprise HRMS is bifurcated. Oracle and SAP have the largest customer license share, especially among organizations with more than 10,000 employees. However, the 2,500 to 10,000 employee segment of the market has fewer clear leaders. This is also the segment of the market that has the most growth potential for core HRMS solutions. The “10,000 employee and above” segment is largely a replacement market. ”

Interesting sounding Indian startup for T Shirt designs

Got this interesting email from one of the people associated with the startup

We are a group of young Indians who have started

a social site where people upload their designs for t-shirts. There is
an ongoing weekly contest with prize money of Rs 20000. The winners are
selected by popular vote and the winning designs are then screen
printed (not transfer printed) on t-shirts made of high quality fabrics
in all sizes. These are then sold on the site. We also maintain a blog

The site could have a better UI, but it’s overall intuitive and easy to go through. You need to register to either vote or leave a comment. I wonder how they ensure that the designs are original and not ripped off by contributors.