to start a Job Board

Looks like the blogging community for Recruiters is finally going to add what many would have expected them to add first – a job board !

In an email Jason Davis says:

Looks Like Thursday of this week, will launch a proper Job board for the recruiting and HR Industry. Every member of will be notified of a special code for posting.


Here’s a new India based HR community I discovered – HRLink

Of course, my global HR community is doing well too.. currently 340 people at HR professionals and it’s growing steadily.


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Gautam is a HR professional interested in how emerging technologies are impacting work, careers and organizations.

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  1. Hello Gautam,

    Thank you so much for mentioning here.

    You’ve been one of the pioneers of HR blogging in India. I’ve been a passive visitor to your blog for several months.

    Hope everything is going great for you.

    Would greatly appreciate your ideas and suggestions to make more useful to the HR community.


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