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What would the Android mean for Social Media

T-Mobile’s HTC Dream phone, the first to run on Google’s Mobile OS Android – debuted. As this review on Gizmodo shows it seems a good enough thing. Not spectacular. Not breakthrough on the consumer front, but a big deal because it breaks the monopoly of Windows Mobile, Symbian et al.

I think it’s important because the next battelground for the internet is going to be the cell phone. And Google needs to be in some position to take on Microsoft where it can hurt it. Let’s face it, there’s no way Google Docs can compete with Office 2003 (forget 2007!) and Chrome is a long way away from dislodging IE. 

So getting onto mobile is a strategic move for Google. It gets to take on Apple’s dominance in the US smartphone market, as well as Microsoft in the rest of the world. As Vint Cerf mentioned in Hyderabad:

Cerf’s contention was that the further growth of the internet would be in the domain of the mobile phone and the majority of the new users will first experience the internet through that device, which is quite different from PDAs and laptops and therefore has implications and challenges for application providers like Google.

He showed another slide which showed that Asia is the largest proportion of internet users. “As Asia’s influence online increases, the languages, applications, demographics and economics of the internet will be impacted by what you and your countrymen in India and other Asian countries deem interesting”

So what’s the effect it will have on social media. Well some interesting trends I can visualise already:

YouTube integration means this OS would be able to handle the load of video much better than others.

Google Maps and mashups apps would add an interesting geographical twist to mobile social networking, think of a Twitter mashups that shows yout twitter followers near you by proximity and you can @reply and set up a face to face meeting.

How it gets rolled out to GSM markets like India and China would be crucial to the success of the OS.

Advertisements to start a Job Board

Looks like the blogging community for Recruiters is finally going to add what many would have expected them to add first – a job board !

In an email Jason Davis says:

Looks Like Thursday of this week, will launch a proper Job board for the recruiting and HR Industry. Every member of will be notified of a special code for posting.


Here’s a new India based HR community I discovered – HRLink

Of course, my global HR community is doing well too.. currently 340 people at HR professionals and it’s growing steadily.

On the Delhi Tweetup

On Saturday evening I was faced with a little dilemma. The Delhi Tweetup organized by the Delhi Bloggers’ Bloc was scheduled at the same time as Abhijit’s book release function. While the former was at Nehru Place, the latter was scheduled at Select Citywalk Mall, Saket.

Like the naive DALHIite I assumed I could get to the Tweetup and then drive down to Saket. 

How could I have been such a fool. Apologies Mr. Bhaduri, but the devilish Delhi traffic put paid to rest any such plans I had.

However, the tweetup was great ! 

It was the second such occasion for me (the previous one being in Mumbai) when I got to meet people who are online friends.

So there were people like prolificd, twilightfairy, mojosanjay, arjunghosh, vimoh who I’ve been interacting with for some time and others like jeetblog, mayankdhingra, simplyarun and kumar_rahul whom I got to know also.

There were quite a few other people, and interestingly they were still not on Twitter. 

Was asked to kick off the session , and I guess I rambled a bit about social media, conversations and how the quality of conversations is most important for any social media enthusiast. I took the creativity model of “divergence and then convergence” to draw a parallel that any information overload has to be funneled the same way, diverging to get a diversity of opinions and then converging – according to each user’s capacity to filter and get value from those conversations. Of course, the name of Scoble cropped up and I also talked about Gauravonomics as people who can monitor immense social media ‘rivers of feeds’ and also to keep engaging in real conversations also. 

I guess it’s a skill that some people develop over time. 

My invitation for the group was to be sure what is the value they are looking for from Social Media. Whether they are looking to be at the edges of their own chosen areas. And we talked of cool web 2.0 jobs as well, like Editors for Tweeting, as Penelope Trunk blogged recently she can’t tweet about investing and sex in 140 characters without an editor! Of course Monetization came up too – and stumped me. Only one person tweeted that the talk was cool… so I really don’t know if I did well at all 😀

Mayank Dhingra talked about the startup he’s co-founded, Kwippy and how it looks at microblogging from a conversational perspective, and the things they have done to build a community there. I got myself an account today and it seems promising. 

Priyanka a.ka. Twlightfairy talked about her personal experience of having her Flickr picture being plagiarised and used by Times of India and their refusal to believe that they had done anything wrong! The discussion evolved into the complex definition of copyright laws and the power of big media houses and of course the Indian judicial system’s non-enabling role. The story had a kind of happy ending with Times of India agreeing to compensate her for the commercial use of the picture and also printing a corrigendum yesterday.

Rahul then talked about copyright and the linkage with early times of the web and where we are headed now.

It was becoming a little late for me and I had to leave his talk midway.

It was a great experience and am already looking for the next occasion I can get to meet the gang again.

Six Little Known Facts About me

The folks at Recruitment 2.0 tagged me… so here are six little known facts about me:

  1. Of my total 11 years of work experience 4 years have not been in line HR!
  2. I worked in Sales a long time ago in the cities of Agra and Jaipur – and I wasn’t selling anything touristy!
  3. I have never worked in Recruitment and Compensation!
  4. I was born in Patna
  5. My first two years of schooling were in a girls school which had co-ed KG classes!
  6. My next 12 years of schooling were in a boys only school! 😀

So I’m tagging the following folks:


Kenny Moore



Evil HR Lady

Dipto reminds people to Rock On

Dipto makes a list of the greatest pseudo guitar songs of Bollywood, and friends who should get to rock on!

For three decades, Amitabh Bachchan pulverized villains, listened to his mother and scolded God to save the world. In the chaos, he forgot to play too much music (except an occasional mouth-organ) but made up for it when he burst on to Waterloo Station in Captain Sparrow gear and a double-necked guitar… Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

UC is articulate (when he wants to). He is intelligent (even when he tries not to). If he got bothered about it, his interest, knowledge and analysis of cricket could have left Harsha Bhogle without a job. He whiles away time in investment banking. Will he ever call up ESPN and ask for a shot?

And that leaves us with the greatest guitar song of all times – Slash and Jimi Hendrix notwithstanding. A riff powerful enough to bring back memories of a past life. A story good enough to be reincarnated again and again. And lyrics that tell us about a beauty who was also a beast – Ek Haseena Thi…

But some of us take the plunge as well. PV, for example, chucked his post-MBA job and started composing full time. Ringtones, remixes, ad jingles, TV serials… even a bespoke song for my wife on our first anniversary! If we agree to think a little beyond Bollywood, this guy would have a chartbusting rock album.

I think I know the UC and PV he talks about 😀

And there are some, like Abhijit Bhaduri, who get the best of both worlds.