Tweeples – the social network for twitter users

Today a person called @Tweeples_Mark started following me. When I checked his profile, it said he’s the Founder of – the social network for tweeple. It also asked people who run local tweetups to get in touch.

On their website they say:

Tweeples is a social network for twitter® users. We love twitter and wanted to make a spot where people could have an extended profile, set up tweetups and form social groups. We are in our beta stages and membership is free.

The front page looks inspired by Facebook newsfeed.

It’s amazing the amount of communities that Twitter has triggered. Am sure that there are lots of other twitter groups like this one for Twitter Addicts.

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  1. Thank you for helping us get the word out Gautam. We still have a lot to add tot he site and it is very much in beta but soon it will be all in place. Have a great day!

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