After Mumbai Terror Attacks what should India do?

This was the question I asked my facebook friends. 

Gautam is wondering what the top 3 things India should do to make itself secure. Any ideas?

Some responses I recieved were:

compulsory military training of one year between 10th and 11th grade!!

issue a readiness guideline for its citizens

deploy forces at all the borders, the coastlines are scarily porous!
cutout useless corrupt administrative staff, hike police and security agency salaries instead.
and compulsory military time before anyone can get a party ticket.

throw all the looser politicians out.

1) Change of leadership ) Change of leadership 3) Change of leadership

1. Put international pressure on Pakistan to eliminate any terror groups operating on their soil ..if they cant we can help them
2.Increase the budget for Security forces which should be able to fund the following..a crack team of NSG should be available in evry state capital with a readily available aircraft with a response time of 15 well as increase payscales hire more ..seal sea and territorial boundaries
3.Let the paramilitary and internal security agencies have greater access to intelligence from the US and Pakistan(They will have to).More imprtantly Have one agency( like NSG and not ATS..RAF etc) report into the President like the Defence Forces free from political interference (…no home ministry)

What do you think?


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  1. I recommend India files a claim of more than $One Billion (Rs.5000 Crores) as Damages against PAKISTAN, any Political Party has reservations apply MCOCA on them.

    Rewards of Rs. One crore each for any Pakistani/Afghani to come forward with confession and evidences.

    Let the corporates collect Rs.10000 crores from FBT and hire the best Legal counsel in the World.

  2. Shanshank Tripathi

    …consequences. this false sense of bravado of some directly emanates from jingoistic politics our politicians practice. most people forget we are the only country in the world surrounded by two nuclear power nations which are not particularly friendly with us and are on a look out to grab our territory. Lack of size of one is more than compensated by the size of the other. When we are half an hour away from total annihilation of our 8 metros we should pause. people deserve their politicians has never been proved so right than by these ghastly attacks.

    It is very clear that big terrorist organizations feeling the pressure from US are moving more and more into west Pakistan and increasing army presence is hindering there activities. An indian strike/attack on Pakistan is the best these terrorist could ever achieve and ironically the literate internet savvy youth is still in favour of it.

    Just a thought—- if you throw out politicians who will run the country military or a dictator or like in some African countries, AK47 rifles. Any one who thinks one of these is a good idea is the best ally those terrorist ever had. Its time people of my country took some serious history and current affairs lessons.

  3. Shashank Tripathi

    I guess of those who replied to your post have no idea of what they are talking about. Everybody abuses politicians but they suggest ideas which have been raised by some politicians. Most of the suggestions will help post or during the event and will do nothing to avoid it.

    A country is an easy target When its so called literate youth calls for military action without thinking of conse

  4. As already proposed by the Government today
    1. The FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) is the way to go for India which is comprised of many territories(read as regionally, culturally & by language divided states who consider neighbouring states & their people as hostile). The Police of one state DOES NOT HAVE JURISDICTION in another state.
    2. Like somebody has already suggested the FIA has to be DIRECTLY under the President & should have NO limitations of JURISDICTION. They should have the right to arrest any top official including POLITICIANS irrespective of their post & stature. Any order, recommendation or request like ” yeh hamara aadmi hain” by any politician should & must be treated as obstructing the law & as an act of treachery against the nation.
    3. The armed forces have to be strengthened along with the Police. The Police must be provided training like all other armed forces are & be issued with sophisticated weapons & not JUST the service issue – .38 Revolver / Pistol.
    4. The FIA sleuths also have to be trained with the NSG. The idea of NSG hubs in four places are not sufficient. The terrorists DO NOT strike at a particular city. They strike at the nation INDIA.
    GOD BLESS all the Policemen, the MARCOS, Army Commondos & the NSG commondos for the COMMENDABLE JOB done by them.

    May the souls of all those innocent victims of the carnage rest in peace.
    A salute to the Brave soldiers of the country who lay down their lives protecting ours.

  5. 1. Recognise terror attacks as war against nation – Seperate and dedicated units of Armed forces (army, airforce & navy) to prepare and deploy at strategic locations.

    2. Prove Pakistan is a failed state – Increase international pressure on Pakistan and ask for measurable, actionable response. Bring a motion in UN and ask pakistan to stop all terror infrastructure within a timeframe.

    3. Call for a special session of Parliament – publish white paper on terrorism. PM to address nation and inform what his government is planning within 15 days to save this nation from terrorism

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