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Marketing in Social Media

John Battelle on his Searchblog says on Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is about brands acting, well, social. Which means they need to show up to the party with a nice bottle of wine, if that’s what the party calls for. They need to come ready to have a dialog, and add value to the event. Of course, if they show up with Britney, we won’t complain, if she respects the vibe of the community. If she can’t, well, she probably shouldn’t come in the first place.

As I told someone today, forget social media marketing, plain vanilla engagement in social media is not for all firms too – only firms that are prepared to invest time and energy to have genuine conversations with people should try it


XLRI to host social entrepreneurs’ meet

XLRI to host social entrepreneurs’ meet

In a bid to showcase innovative social entrepreneurship ventures by individual entrepreneurs, NGOs, corporate and social agencies and to provide a common platform for sharing experiences, issues and concerns, XLRI School of Human and Business Resource, Jamshedpur is organising the National Social Entrepreneurship Conference in January 2009.

Prof Madhukar Shukla, professor, organisational behaviour area, XLRI said that conference will host many speakers and entrepreneurs who have worked in the social and development sector, and have received numerous accolades and awards such as the Ashoka Fellowship.

“This conference is geared at providing a common forum for eminent speakers of the country to share their knowledge and experiences with students for better understanding,” he added.

The two-day conference, which is being organised for the first time would kick start on January 31. The event is a part of XLRI’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in which around 150 development sector professionals are expected to participate in the conference.

“Social entrepreneurial ventures generally aim to create a more sustainable and equitable society. Recognising that the developmental issue is not about lack of resources, but about lack of access to resources, these ventures devise innovative solutions to make societal resources available to those who lack access to them. This is why the proposed theme for the conference would be ‘Providing Access for sustainable development,” said Prof Shukla.

Hiring through Twitter and Blogs

Rajesh @ Blogworks says:

I am finding myself drawn to a lot of young professionals who write blogs, or are active on Twitter, for our next round of hiring at Blogworks. Much more than even LinkedIn, which I find too static, and definitely more than college recruitment proposals that we get from time-to-time.

a lot of communication students are now studying/ researching social media impact at university level; they are writing blogs that give a glimpse into their learning; Twitter is their playground and their interactions their allow a nice window into their personality. It’s easy to find a culture match when you have interacted with a prospect one-on-one through these online engagements.

So if you’re angling for a job in social media and marketing, I guess what you’ve got to do is start participating in the conversation. Think of it as getting work experience !

What I’d be interested to know is what kind of people are more the ‘blogging’ kind and what kind of people are the ‘twittering’ kind?

On first thought I’d have said bloggers are more ‘speakers’ and tweeple are more ‘conversation facilitators’ – but I guess that’s too simplistic.

Any thoughts?

Ghajini Review – Aamir and Asin excel

So I finally caught this movie that’s been bombarded on us with hajaar marketing messages. From ushers getting the ‘Ghajini’ haircut to Aamir himself becoming a barber and giving his fans in Delhi the buzz cut.

I finally gave into the persuasion and caught the movie.

First things first, Aamir as the wounded, angry and forgetful beast of a man is terrific. His portrayal of pain and rage – a potent combination- makes you flinch. The performance is unlike any he has done in the past. Even his earlier action turns [in Sarfarosh] pale in comparison. Either the guy has gone on honing and developing his craft, which is stupendous – or he’s always had the talent and we’ve just never got to see it so far.

Asin is a breath of fresh air – in an industry reeling under the collective size zero weights of dignified haughty unreachable beauty [think Aishwarya, Katrina, Deepika, Kareena] she’s ebullient, beautiful but yet down to earth. Of course, the script demands her to be so, but except for Kareena’s role as Geet in “Jab We Met” I don’t remember a similar performance.

Where I thought the film was weak was at its emotional core, the love story between Aamir’s character Sanjay and Asin’s character Kalpana. Somewhere in comparison to the rage filled revenge theme it seems too humdrum and bland by comparison. That’s funny. Remember that Aamir was introduced to us 20 years ago as the next door loverboy. He has strived to lose that image, and how successfully!

Maybe that’s what the film’s message is.

That even an ordinary love story can drive people to extraordinary lengths. And if that sounds similar to another recent film, I am knowingly doing it 😉

p.s. Oh, and when was the last time a Hindi movie was named after the negative lead? Even Sholay wasn’t called Gabbar Singh or Mr. India wasn’t called Mogambo!

p.p.s. Oh did I tell you how awesome the action sequences were? After a long time some hard core hand to hand fights. Though it did seem to make Aamir look like a cross between Mike Tyson and Superman!

p.p.s. Aamir’s looking more and more like a cross between Toby Maguire and Tom Hanks.

p.p.p.s. Aamir’s looking cross. Period 😉

State of the Indian Blogosphere 2009

Gaurav Mishra lays out a call for a collaborative approach on making a State of the Indian Blogosphere 2009 report. Here’s what he has in mind. I’m excited, and have promised Gaurav my help in any way!

I see an annually updated 15 page PDF report that includes the following sections (later updates may or may not cover different topics) –

1. An overview of the Indian blogosphere (How many blogs? How many blog readers? What are the most discussed topics?)

2. The history of the Indian blogosphere (What are the biggest milestones? What are the biggest controversies?)

3. An overview of the personal and diary blogs in India (Who are the most popular bloggers? What are the most common themes? What are the recent trends?)

4. An overview of current affairs and activism blogs in India (Who are the most popular bloggers? What are the most common themes? What are the recent trends?)

5. An overview of business and technology blogs in India, including CEO blogs (Who are the most popular bloggers? What are the most common themes? What are the recent trends?)

6. An overview of celebrity and gossip blogs in India (Who are the most popular bloggers? What are the most common themes? What are the recent trends?)

7. An overview of Indic language blogging in India (Who are the most popular bloggers? What are the most common themes? What are the recent trends?)

8. A review of the biggest themes and memes in the Indian blogosphere in 2008, including a review of mainstream media news stories about blogging in India.

9. A directory of the most influential bridge bloggers in India, which can use Amit Agarwal’s directory of Indian bloggers as a starting point.

It’s obvious that such a report can hardly be put together by a single person, and I suggest that DesiPundit and Global Voices take the lead in putting it together, with contributions from leading Indian bloggers.

via Calling for a State of the Indian Blogosphere 2009 Collaborative Report | Gauravonomics Blog.