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For the people?

You know, recently a journalist was murdered in Sri Lanka. And he knew he would be killed.

An Indian journalist recently refused to accept the government’s civilian award

Another Indian journalist cannot however take the criticism of a blogger and has probably sent him a legal notice forcing him to take off the post from his blog. Blogbharti link here

Er, puts a totally different spin on “We, the people”, doesn’t it?


India Blog School

Amit Agarwal India’s uber-tech-blogger has a new initiative! If you are looking for a training program to learn about blogging, head over to Agra on 25th Jan for the Training Program for Bloggers – India Blog School!

Update: I was fortunate enough to see the start of the program where Amit talked about who all are blogging (apart from people like Amitabh Bachchan and LK Advani) – he talked about mommy bloggers, photo-bloggers, recipe bloggers to make people aware that blogging can be done by ordinary people with little or no technical knowledge.

Amit talks about who all are blogging

Amit talks about who all are blogging

On why should one blog, Amit made an interesting point – that it would be a digital memory for one’s descendants to connect with their ancestors!

One never thought of it as that!

Satyam 13000 salary accounts says prosecutor

Wow. If this allegation is true, it’s not just the CFO, ex-CEO and MD who would be brought to the task but also the HR top managers. How could anyone have inflated employee figures by 13,000 without the HR people’s connivance?

Satyam actually employs 40,000 people, and not 53,000, said the prosecutor.

While ten thousand employees were non-existent, 3,000 belonged to attrition category. Assistant prosecutor K. Ajay Kumar also said as many as 400 fake transactions had been uncovered in the investigation so far.

The public prosecutor said that crores of rupees were possibly siphoned off at regular intervals and diverted it to benami accounts.

The prosecutor also said that accounts were fudged, bank statements were forged and shares were transferred.

via Satyam faked 13000 salary accounts prosecutor – CIOL News Reports.

Women Leaders in ICICI

Amongst one of the reasons that Fortune gives for ICICI Bank’s amazing number of women leaders is lower salaries! That’s because the article claims that they are more tolerant than men.

They are more willing than men to tolerate ICICI’s low salaries, which are in the bottom quartile for the industry. (The comparison improves when stock options are taken into account.) That’s better than for government-owned banks but lower than for foreign and other private banks. In most cases, the husbands are the main money earners. Renuka Ramnath, 45, who runs ICICI Venture, a private-equity business with $2 billion under management, says her salary was “just pocket money” until her husband died 12 years ago. Income then became more important, but she stayed at ICICI, with her family’s encouragement, even though she could earn far more elsewhere, because “nowhere else could I have done so much.”

via The women of ICICI bank – October 16, 2006.

What needs to be seen is will that ensure that women leaders continue to emerge in ICICI Bank. I don’t think today’s women executives will be as tolerant as women 10-15 years ago 😀

The White House is blogging too

Change has come to America, and even to the website of the American President!

Barack Obama is one of the most (if not THE most social media savvy politician) and now has a blog to connect and have conversations with the American people (and hopefully with the citizens of the world!) too.

So if Obama can – yes you can too!