How little can you blog for business?

An interesting question came up yesterday on an email discussion forum:

how LITTLE can I blog before being considered ‘not serious’. Right now I try to blog on Tuesdays and Fridays about a variety of my subjects (some humorous, some thought-provoking, some serious). I am getting followers in dribs and drabs, and good comments on the blogs, but not many of either. I try to put in good effort on the posts and provide value; but would love to make a wider impact than I am able to do now.

This is my view:

You always don’t need to blog, sometimes just leaving insightful comments on other similar blogs would result in good traffic – having a co-blogger to post also might help – so that it becomes a shared responsibility and not a burden.

The other question you’d like to answer is – what is the objective of blogging for you?

  • Is it finding clients?
  • or freelance consultants?
  • or building a community of like minded professionals?
  • or being considered an ’eminent expert’?
  • or for Search Engine Optimization?

Depending on what your objective is you’d need to approach blogging in that way.

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