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The Italian (HR Carnival) job

Jon Ingham has the latest HR carnival up with a recessionary and Italian flavour. Be sure to check it out here.

25 things about me meme tag

Surya tagged me on her blog- so here goes without thinking too much

  1. My earliest professions were of being a journalist – believe it or not- I guess I identified with Clark Kent and Peter Parker much more than anybody else. 
  2. The fact that I get press releases by PR firms these days – I guess has made me some kind of journalist, at least 😀
  3. I was quite proud of being ‘logical and unemotional’ when I was an adolescent – my idols then were Mr. Spock and Sherlock Holmes
  4. Were points number 1 and 2 instrumental in forming my MBTI type ? It’s INTP
  5. I am happiest therefore, when with books (when I was a kid) or the internet (as you can see, I am particularly fond of wikipedia!)
  6. I graduated in Hotel Management – and worked only for year in hotels. It was a huge learning experience.
  7. I was consistently a member of writing related clubs in school and college.
  8. I (still) have a huge crush on Salma Hayek
  9. I don’t play any sport 
  10. Still don’t know what got me interested in HR – guess after working in Hotels and Sales I knew I had to find a different sort of expression for my “people orientation” skills
  11. I don’t like watching movies – but have to watch them because my wife loves them
  12. I am a huge comic book and sci-fi fan
  13. Driving is something that I beginning to like – Delhi roads (not in rush hour) are amazing to drive in.
  14. I grew up in Lucknow. A bit of my heart still resides there.
  15. My dad passed away in 2008. I didn’t know I’d have to goodbye without telling him how much an influence he was in my life.
  16. I like chopping vegetables better than actually cooking them. Kneading the dough is therapeutic for me.
  17. I am totally a social networking nut –  and love connecting with people virtually.
  18. Real world face to face connecting is something I always try to wriggle out of.
  19. I still have to pinch myself to see how big my daughters have become.
  20. My wife and I knew each other less than a month before we decided we had to get married.
  21.  When it comes to politics – I am a centrist. Extreme views make me suspicious 
  22. A friend of mine taught me breakdancing in school. That made me fall me in love with dancing. I can still boogie 
  23. I love eating all kinds of cuisines – and have to be careful about shrimp and prawns which I am allergic to. Damn!
  24. I dream of writing a book some day. Two actually. One fiction. One non-fiction.
  25. I’m a geek in spirit. Linking back to point number 4 I guess! Only difference is, I don’t have the brains to be an actual geek!

HR professional’s community crosses 600 members

The HR professionals’ community that I started on Ning has recently crossed the 600 members mark!

Here’s wishing it adds value to each of the (so far) 601 members.

Job Blogr posts new jobs in India

In a time of slowdown sites like Job Blogr are doing great service to the job seekers.

Go ahead, check it out.

Recruiters can also post openings totally free.

CSR and layoffs?

Murali raises an interesting point after hearing about the Sapient layoffs today:

True CSR is about how caring you are to all your stakeholders.. and one of the most imporatant stakeholders are your employees.  I have seen the ugly side of business  – of treating employees as dispensable cost saving overheads  rather than important investments that need to be nurtured.  They do not seem to realise the emotional and psychological damage that happens to not only the laid off employees but also those who remain.  Most CEOs look for quick results and today layoffs seems to have become a fashion statement.  Any company that contemplates layoff needs to first start with the CEO.  It is their failure..not that of the business environment.  Taking care of their employees especially during these trying times is the most important CSR initiative.

I totally agree 😀

As they say “The bottleneck is almost always near the top of the bottle” If a company needs to do layoffs because its strategy has failed or because it has made losses in some businesses, then heads at the top of the business need to be laid off first.