– The Linkedin for Academics

A team of people from Stanford and Cambridge have recently launched a website,, which is being billed as a "LinkedIn for academics".

4 months after launching, there are now over 30,000 academics on It has 67% of 2008’s Nobel Laureates on it, and many of the world’s most well-known academics:

– Richard Dawkins –

– Stephen Hawking –

– Noam Chomsky –

– Steven Pinker –

– Paul Krugman – does two things:

– It shows every academic around the world in a tree diagram, displayed according to their departmental and university affiliations.

– It enables academics to find out the latest research in their area – the latest people, papers and talks.

The goal is for to eventually list every academic in the world — Faculty Members, Post-Docs, Graduate Students.


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  1. Hi Gautam, a related tool for academics is Mendeley (, I’m a co-founder). Mendeley is two things: Free academic desktop software (available for Windows, Mac and Linux) for managing & sharing research papers, and a website where you can back up and manage your research papers, discover research trends, and connect to like-minded researchers.

    Our vision is to create a “ for Research” (, and we recently closed a US$2 million funding round with some people behind Skype, and Warner (

    I hope you like it – let me know if you have any questions!

    Best wishes
    Jan (

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