XLRI Alumna takes on Mulayam Singh Yadav

Ministhy Dileep (XLRI 98 batch) the current District Magistrate and Returning Officer of Mainpuri, UP,  is in the news for cancelling SP workers’ gun licence earning the wrath of SP leader Mulayam Singh Yadav.

According to this article Ministhy launched to put out of business around 100 illegal arms dealers, many of whom allegedly had links with Yadav’s party.

Ministhy had also cancelled 70 weapon licences in Mainpuri, considered to be Yadav’s stronghold, where she joined as DM this February.

This is the fourth posting for Ministhy, a 2003 batch officer of UP cadre who belongs to Kerala. Earlier, she has served as joint magistrate in Jhansi and Agra. Known to be tech-savvy — she always carries a laptop — Ministhy had posted all land lease records on the government website while she was posted in Shahjahanpur.

IBN reports that Mulayam backtracked on his threat yesterday even as the BJP sought to capitalise on the issue drawing parallels between Varun Gandhi and Mulayam Singh, and trying to paint the EC as partisan. 

By the way Ministhy is an accomplished writer writing articles over the last few years for Coolavenues and Rediff.

Update: There’s a facebook group now to express support Ministhy too. 

Update: Profiled in Hindustan Times on 26th March

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  1. This shows how weak MEN are to fight against EVIL…Men are so scared and it needs a kerala woman to handle such ruffians !!!!!I think Men should learn from MINISTHY and try to be Men !!!

  2. Way to go Ministhy ! All of us support your stance.

  3. We need such qualified,frank,quality officials who can really make villagers feel they are not slaves of the few!.

    Money/Power and Technology is useless unless it is used in the best interest of the common man.

    Yes,Our Duas are with you!


  4. Way to go Ministhy! Good job,don’t be afraid to carry out what is your honest resolution. God be with you !!

  5. endangered species ministhy, a place like uP is no place for you, get out, quick, look at what happend to manjunath an IOC co; these mafias are the scum of iNdia

  6. Way to go Ministhy! Good job

  7. Hi All,

    while I don’t agree with Mulayam Singh, I dare say that these IAS officers work like little viceroys , acting in arbitrary manner.

  8. “Fourth posting for her in 5 odd years.”

    I daresay because she always keeps messing with the established corrupt practices!?

    Good to see that there are still honest people in our establishment who are not afraid of the Mulayam Singhs of the world!

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