TED comes to India with TEDIndia

Got this email today, exciting times ahead for TED enthusiasts in India:

For the first time in its 25-year history, the TED Conference is traveling to South Asia. Organizers of the TED Conference have announced that TEDIndia will take place November 4-7, 2009, in Mysore, India.

“At a time of huge economic uncertainty, one thing remains clear: There’s been an unmistakable shift of influence to the east,” says TED’s Curator ChrisAnderson. “We wanted to examine the future from the vantage point of India, a country that’s re-inventing itself daily and whose influence is reshaping the world.”

TEDIndia will be co-hosted by Anderson and longtime TED attendee Lakshmi Pratury, who has spent years building bridges between India and the West, first as an executive at Intel, then at Global Catalyst Partners and the American India Foundation, and now at her own firm, Ixoraa Media, which also hosts the Aamra Grove retreat. “TEDIndia is an opportunity to bring even more global voices to TED, and to bring TED’s energy and entrepreneurship to India,” Pratury says. “It is an opportunity to play host to a group of extraordinary talents from around the world and across disciplines.”

Under the theme “The Future Beckons,” TEDIndia will present three days of inspiring speakers from the worlds of technology, entertainment, design, science, business and the arts. A detailed list of TEDIndia speakers will be announced later this year, including:

+ one of Bollywood’s most exciting directors

+ the entrepreneur whose emergency response team became heroes during the Mumbai terrorist attacks

+ an educator in the slums whose students outperform private-school kids

+ a best-selling novelist redefining the borders between East and West

+ a photographer documenting India as it’s never been seen before

+ a fashion designer taking Indian aesthetics onto international runways

Some of the topics TEDIndia will address:

+ Who are the young thinkers and doers capable of shaping the future?

+ What local innovations are destined for global impact?

+ Can there be economic advancement without environmental destruction?

+ Can a pluralistic democracy survive in the face of rising fundamentalism?

+ What should we learn — or fear? — from China’s investment in Africa?

+ Do we have enough water for everyone?

+ How do we keep our youth challenged and our aged healthy?

+ How can anti-poverty solutions be brought to scale?

+ Which ancient traditions can illuminate modern life?

 The site of TEDIndia is a powerful metaphor for the reshaped world of the 21st century. It’s being held in a stunning theatre in an EPCOT-dome-like building at the high-tech campus built outside Mysore by Infosys to train its thousands of engineering graduates. Mysore is one of India’s oldest cities, as well as an up-and-coming center for outsourcing and IT, located 130 km from Bangalore in southern India’s state of Karnataka.

 TEDIndia will host a class of 100 exceptional TED Fellows from around the world — young thinkers and doers in all fields who can become tomorrow’s leaders. Details of the TEDIndia Fellows program and how to apply will be announced in late April. Learn more about the TED Fellows program at http://www.ted.com/fellows

Before, during and after the conference, TEDIndia attendees will have many opportunities to deepen their experience. Pre-conference, attendees will be invited to explore Mysore by joining guided tours of some of the city’s historical sites, including the iconic Mysore Palace and the spectacular Brindavan Gardens. Individuals looking to extend their stay in India can embark on some exclusive post-conference trips organized for TED attendees in beautiful places like Kerala and Rajasthan.

We’ll also offer a day of TED U, during which TEDIndia attendees can give their own short talks or performances.

 Sponsors include Infosys, Google.org, Nokia and Sherpalo Ventures.

 The conference, with an audience of approximately 500 people, will be more intimate than our larger TED conference in Long Beach. TEDIndia costs $2,000 plus $400 for four nights lodging, or $2,400 total. For more information, or to register for TEDIndia, please visit conferences.ted.com/TEDIndia.

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