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I got quoted in the article “Taking forward the Business of Blogs” at exchange4media:

A simple Net search will give out all the answers to what is professional blogging, but the question is, why is there an overall ignorance about professional blogging and when will it catch up big time in our country?

Blogger and HR consultant Gautam Ghosh pointed out, “People have realised that having a free-for-all kind of blog is not really helpful if one is trying to build a readership in any sense of the term. I see a lot of professional blogs in India, but a lot of them are abandoned after some time. The big issue in my opinion is that people blogging professionally have high expectations without knowing what competencies are required to succeed as a blogger.”

Celebrity blogs draw in the moolah, but do ordinary bloggers writing or talking about extraordinary stuff rake in the moolah too? It is assumed that people who are widely read or heard on blogs dedicate a lot of time on it. That puts them to the league of professional bloggers, where they need to monetise their space. But how do they monetise and where is the revenue?

Blogger Ghosh said, “In India, bloggers are not able to monetise as much as bloggers in the US, because the readership in India is quite niche and they are savvy in not clicking on the ads. Cost per impression advertising for social media publishers is not so well known. If one is able to build an audience that is a global audience (other English speaking parts of the world), then monetisation becomes easier.”

Ads have and will eventually make it to the blog space, but there definitely is a dearth of ad aggregators and blog ad networks to make the connect between the blogger and advertisers.


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Gautam is a HR professional interested in how emerging technologies are impacting work, careers and organizations.

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