Book Review: Me 2.0 By Dan Schawbel

There are a lot of people who are great at their work. They are passionate about what they do, they do it well, and are very well liked too.

How many such people do you know? Are you one yourself?

How do you leverage your passion and performance to really get noticed in today’s cut throat world of corporate warfare, specially if you are a recent graduate?

If you graduated in 2000 and later, I am sure you do one thing better than much of your senior workers do – use the internet to connect with friends on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. And perhaps you have a website too – and maybe you maintain a blog too. 

Dan Schawbel shows you how to use the tools available for free online to create and communicate a great personal brand. Think Tom Peters’ “You Inc.” and add communicating web 2.0 style and you have it.

The book is called Me 2.0


by Dan Schawbel

by Dan Schawbel



It’s packed with useful tips – often not found with much ease – for example, how to hide your photographs on Facebook and not enable anyone to just tag you – to help you minimize negative impact on one’s personal brand.

In fact, the book is more relevant today than it was when the economy was doing better. 

The HR professional these days searches for a candidate on the web – as each and every hire is scrutinised and like it or not – your social network profiles, comments on blogs/ forums will go into forming an opinion of who you are – your values and a judgement would be made – even without your being aware about it. 

But Me 2.0 is a book not only about being reactive – but is majorly about understanding how you can be proactive about your personal branding.

Dan points out that branding is not just making a promise – but is about fulfilling that promise, so whatever you choose to communicate needs to be backed up with reality. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a Millennial/Gen Y member. This book is a useful set of advice/tools for anyone to use.


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