How do I blog?

Here’s what a reader mailed me:

I want to know how you decide what to write about (sorry , sounds silly!) ahnd how do you draw the line on how much of yourself comes through the blog and how much of the professional ‘you’ comes through. I want to begin blogging too and while there is no dearth of topics in today’s world, I am very hesitant to start! Any advice?

This is what I replied:

Well there are three main ways I decide what to write about:

1. Thoughts that strike me during the day and if they are still there in the evening – I know it’s important for me to express it 🙂

2. What the other HR bloggers are blogging about – and if I have something new to add to it 🙂

3. Some newsworthy events in my domain area Well when one is expressing an opinion – of course there is one’s own thoughts, values getting expressed, and I don’t even try to hide it. My blog is not a news blog, so I don’t strive for objectiveness

If you have a point of view and a story to tell – just start blogging!


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Gautam is a HR professional interested in how emerging technologies are impacting work, careers and organizations.

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  1. Hi Gautam,

    Yeah, I like these tips. While points 2 & 3 seem to apply to more domain/field specific pieces of writing, point 1 and your concluding line apply to writing in general and I can identify with them most.

    When you have an interest in and opinion on what’s happening around you, you automatically want to express it and writing is just a means to accomplish that. Whatever motivates you to do this is your subject matter.

    The urge to write and express yourself is more important, in my opinion. And when you feel strongly about something, the sentences tend to form themselves. You can always restructure or edit your posts after you’re done.

    Your personality will automatically come through in the tone and character of your writing, and needn’t be controlled, especially if you have an interesting personality.

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