McKinsey Quarterly widgets, video podcasts; Facebook, Twitter

The McKinsey Quarterly really is embracing the web 2.0 phenomenon in a big way.

Check out the email they sent me recently!

McKinsey Quarterly

More ways to stay connected to McKinsey Quarterly

Thank you for being a reader of McKinsey Quarterly.

Participate in the Quarterly community by joining our group of more than 30,000 fans on Facebook to discuss new articles important to our readers. Or join the 13,000-plus @McKQuarterly followers on Twitter.

Our McKinsey Quarterly widgets allow you and your visitors to access the latest Quarterly articles through your Web site, blog, or social profile. Browse through our available widgets (click a topic name, for example, Strategy) to choose a topic-specific widget.

McKinsey Quarterly Widget



We recently introduced video to our McKinsey Quarterly podcasts. Now you to can watch your favorite interviews on the go. Click here to subscribe to our Quarterly podcasts via iTunes.

McKinsey Quarterly iTunes Podcast

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