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Shared by Dr. Madhukar Shukla and captured by Potler (Ramakrishna Potluri, batch of 1996) in 1999 –
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XL Lingo (XL Word Power Made Easy)XL Official Alumni Registration Form

The Official Officials

MAXI – Marketing Association of XLRI

The most active organization, the culmination of whose yearly activities is the MAXI Fair. Among other things, it pays the outstanding mess bills at times.

FINAX – FINance Association of XLRI

Fairly active organization. Conducs Stock Market Games, tries to organize speakers on financial matters AND conducts a seminar annually.

SAPPHIRE – Students Association for Personal, Human Resources and Industrial Relations Education

Trying the hardest of all the organizations to make an impact.

SOCRATES – SOCiety for Rapid Assimilation of TEchnologieS

The bozos handling the computer centre.

XLNC -(pronounced as Excellency)XLRI Nature Club.

Was once upon a time called the Green Cell. Biggest achievement has been to make all project submissions in single spaced typing. Trying to achieve paperless project report submissions. Enemy of all gaspots.

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The Unofficial Officials

OMAXI – Old Monks Association of XLRI

The most important and the most popular organization in XL. An eclectic collection of individuals selected specifically for their ability to withstand the onslaught of copious quantities of amber liquid. General responsibility to keep the spirits up. Comprises such creatures as monks and nuns. Headed by a honcho referred to as the Chief.

DAXI – Dunkers Association of XLRI

People with responsibility to cause rain in the absence of activity by Poseidon. Have to keep the pitch wet, without dousing the spirits. Almost got defunct this year, but was salvaged.

FLIX – Film Lovers in XLRI

The official handlers of the entertainment in the era preceding cable TV, but now more or less subjugated to Star movies. Still make their presence felt once in a while.

CFS – Children’s Film Society

The contact between the future managers and a lost childhood. Make sure that each show is an uplifting experience. Also dabble in still life photography and children’s literature which is easily digestable by humans.

BFAXI – Bacchan Fans Association of XLRI

Worshippers of the Big B. Makers of the maximum noise at all gatherings. Presence felt most during the occassional ‘Antakshari’

T&L – Tent & Lighting

The guys with the credo of ‘A pole for every hole’. Responsible to put up and maintain erection till any main event is over.

The Unofficial Unofficials

GRAXI – Gossip and Rumours Association of XLRI

The official grapewine. Speediest source of all juicy information. Membership to all students and no annual fee. Nothing in XL escapes the omnipresent eyes of GRAXI. Verb form : Grax; Usage: Put Grax

FRAXI – Free Riders Association of XLRI

The most sought after association. Collection of individuals who are excellent team leaders and delegators. Refusal to do any work greater than taking printouts or making cover pages an absolute must for entry.

SEAXI – Slow Eaters Association of XLRI

Floated by the 96 batch Finax head to get some company in the mess.

GAXI – Gays Association of XLRI

LAXI – Lesbians Association of XLRI

GALAXI – Gays andLesbians Association of XLRI

A commn forum for the above two groups to come together and exchange notes.

The Parochial Gangs

TAXI – Tamilians Association of XLRI

The gang of Maddus. Controls access to Madrasi Sammelani, one of the rare outfits providing edible food in Jampot.

JMAXI – Jai Maharashtra Association of XLRI

The parliament of Ghatis. Has the key to the other edible food joint called the Maharashtra Mandal.

ROBAXI – Royal Bengal Association of XLRI

More like an association of royal pains. The truly parochial outfit. Strict no for outsiders.

HLAXI – Hindustan Leavers Association of XLRI

Newest kid on the block. Gang of Mallus, whose first meeting was not exactly an aromatic affair (for more details, contact Hari Menon).

The Attitude Statements

JLT – Just Like That

Anything and everything in XL is JLT. Originally, the steps in front of the LH, later included the lawns and today the aptest attitude statement of XLers.

Put Fight

Raising enthusiasm level for any activity. Normally said in conjunction with Put Enthu.

Put Enthu

Refer above.

Put Sack

The permission for relaxation, more often the commonest activity.

Put Crash

What mere mortals refer to as sleeping. The final result of Put Sack.

Classroom Communication

CP – Class Participation

The activity of voluntary or involuntary speech in the course of a class. Many a time, part of evolution, making it necessary evil. A mother brand spawning many brand extensions.

ACP – After/Arbitrary Class Participation

Desperate attempt to score points with the teacher. No means is too devious, no point not worth expounding.

BCP – Before Class/Course Participation

Even more desperate attempt. Generally looked down by the others, but then, who cares! Put Enthu, Put Fight !

SCP – Subliminal Class Participation

Its hovering around somewhere, but not a soul can pinpoint its location or direction, least of all the speaker. Patented by BJ.

GCP – Global Class Participation

The biggst source of air pollution at XL. Can be used in any subject without loss of impact. Requires tremendous skill.

The Places of Interest

BBC – Basket Ball Court

Occassionally used for playing. The favourite spot for holding bonfires and associated parties, as also some night cricket.

MR – Music Room

Once upon a time, the hot bed of activity. Lost much of its glory. Now used only for watching TV. Has also been used as a makeshift courtroom at least once in 96.


Also called Lover’s Lane. Favourite avenue for romantic walks. Is also the best site for a photograph of XL.

Pineapple Steps

The opening from the admin block to the boulevard. A place that has seen many interesting scenes.

Small Audi

The apology for an auditorium in the insti. Lots of senti value. Favourite place, if the activity is something like the talent show. Most hated place when it’s the site of Gango’s quizzes.


Source of food, tea and fags – unlimited interest free credit limit. Welcome change to mess food and means of sustenance for many during day time.


Means of sustenance at night. Credit limit available but not as exhaustive as Dadu’s


Closest source of goods from civilization.

EL – Eexecutive Lounges

Top of XL. Originally fac rooms, now occupied by students. The adjoining terrace is a common location for parties. Provides excellent view of the city.

Jam’Pot – Jamshedpur

This god forsaken, flea infested,highly polluted ramshackle collection of settlements that we call a city. Well, we love it !

The Rousing War Cries

Narayan Kili Kili, P… P…

The most commonly used war cry. Origins unknown. The second line is open to adaptation, hence can be used in all situations.

IIM C B……a

The cry that stopped the jokers from Joka in their tracks and left them speechless. Credited to the Maddoo. IIM C can be substituted with any suitable two syllable word for adaptability. Usually preceded by a long preambe, in verse.

Kunde Kunde Kunde Ko

A batch favourite. Used to garner ethusiasm for any activity. Attributed to the pig. Again, not a situation specific cry and adaptable in any situation.

Jagte Raho

The non-bahadur watchman’s cry. For people with responsibility to take care of certain damsels, which they do with utmost diligence by not leaving their sides even for a moment.

Kill the Bongs

An ancient one, whose origins are lost in the mist of time. Definitely the work of much harried soul.

Miscellaneous Concepts

Batting & Bowling

Complementary concepts. Refers to the ‘putting’ of a non-GALAXY relationship. The distaff side handles the bowling. Beautifully explained by the Vikhroli girl on Channel V.


The painful process by which each BMer has to pass the test of fire. Has come to connote the ultimate form of sadism.

Outstanding Roomie

Refers to those selfless souls who give up their home and hearth for the cause of promoting mates. The better ones even resist the temptation to peep through the key hole or the ventilators.

Hot Sams & G-Jams

Not a concept original to XL, but here refers to the reconstituted band.


Again a borrowed concept, expressing the monumentality of anything, for want of a more eloquent expression. The perception of the magnitude could vary from narrator to listener without loss of communication during transmission.


Any extension of puffery or (un)necessary showiness, in writing, action or anything else falls under the purview of this term. But as Levitt has said, we need the puffery to survive.


The crowd mentality that leads to very interesting, if somewhat loud results. Includes all group activities that end up in release of sound energy. Can be used in noun or verb form

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