DesiPundit shutting down. Aggregators irrelevant in the age of Twitter and Facebook

I got the following mail from Patrix – the initiator behind Desipundit. I guess in this day and age – where we get to know of great content through our friends and those we follow , the age of the human curated aggregator was becoming more and more smaller. But even I didn’t think that it would be so soon. Thanks to Patrix and the rest of the DP team for nurturing the Desi-blogosphere for the last 5 years.


We are shutting down DesiPundit effective midnight (CST) June 15th, Tuesday. It has been a fun five years and we have enjoyed every moment. We wish to thank all Community Members for sharing your content with our readers and I hope we managed to win you some readers.
Over at DesiPundit, people have moved on to other things and time & resources haven’t been as plentiful for those who have remained. The Indian blogosphere and presence on other social media networks has expanded greatly and in our experience, it is no longer possible for human-powered aggregators to keep up; at least on a part-time volunteer basis.
We all will be around on our respective blogs and Twitter accounts and will continue to reading your excellent blogs.
Thank you for reading and contributing.

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  1. Sad to hear about this. I use to love reading stuff @ desipundit. 😦

  2. Shivam Vij does have a point. When you appoint people like Nikhil Narayanan as moderators, who quickly made this into a ‘you scratch my back and I scratch yours” kinda cabal, it was bound to fail. Sub standard bloggers like Notytony and everyone who kissed arse were linked. Without these trash bags DP was doing just fine.

  3. Desi Pundit had outlived its utility long long back. Definitely, aggregators are still relevant. But it’s good that the decision to shut DP was taken.

  4. for me Desipundit died long ago. While it’s true that FB and Twitter took over, Desipundit stopped being truly representative of the blogosphere after its first year or two. Patrix’s spirit of liberally accommodating everyone and everything, of giving a real sense of the blogosphere as a whole, soon gave way to a self-indulgent cabal interested in furthering themselves rather than the blogosphere. I don’t think human powered aggregators are irrelevant, but yes, need a lot of human time. More than that, they need a liberal spirit. Neverthless, thanks Patrix for doing DP. A lot of us will never forget it.

  5. Well it would not have been easy to keep it running with full time jobs. Also the site has become irrelevant. We have to move with the time. Good decision by Patrix.

    @Shrinidhi Hande – What has that got to do with this? The site is shutting down because it had become irrelevant in the age of Twitter and Facebook (as the title says).

  6. Earlier DP entries handpicked by contributors. Later the process was changed wherein selected bloggers were given the liberty to automatically add their posts to DP… There was lot of credibility when a contributor picks your post and submits it compared to a blogger self certifying his post to be worth displayed on dp…

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