What is Post Quality of a Page on Facebook?

I manage a couple of pages on Facebook – including my blog's page 

One of the metrics Facebook tells page managers is something called a "Post Quality"

So what is Post Quality?

This is what Facebook states:

When you create compelling content, your fans may choose to interact with the material by commenting, liking or writing on your Wall. These fans help to spread your content virally throughout Facebook, as their engagement leads to organic stories being published in their friends' News Feeds.

Your Post Quality is determined by the percentage of your fans that engage when you post content to your Page. It is calculated on a rolling seven-day basis. The number of stars depends on how your Post Quality compares to similar Pages (for example, Pages that have a similar number of fans).

To increase the number of Interactions and improve your Post Quality you may consider:

  • Making sure that your posts, whether they are Status Updates, photos, links or videos, are relevant to your fans. Posting engaging content is the best way to get people to interact with your Page.
  • Posting frequently, but not posting an overwhelming amount of content that users may find spammy or annoying to consume.

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