Countering Facebook Fatigue: How I use Facebook

Many people tell me that they face (pun intended) Facebook fatigue, after connecting with ex-colleagues, classmates from kindergarten, school, college and extended family – and going though photo albums, and updating status messages with funny, cringey, or smug updates they really don't know what to do next. 

Sure there's stuff like Social games – like Zynga's slew of products (think Farmville, Yo Ville, Cafe World, Mafia Wars) and once you're done that routine – you're really confused what to do on Facebook.

Engagement on Facebook is dependent on how interesting your "friends" are – and once we hit Dunbar's number we can't add any actual "real-life" friends on Facebook.

Here's what I do on Facebook to keep it fresh for me:

  1. Firstly I tell myself that a facebook (indeed an online) friend is "different" from a friend friend 🙂
  2. I usually add anyone who desires to add me as a friend (unless it's a brand name – why have a profile then?) 
  3. Then I put them into lists depending on who our mutual connections are – I have lists and everyone goes into one or the other – and what they can see on my profile (contact details, photos, updates) depends on which list they are in. 
  4. Then I monitor people's behavior and the kind of news I get from them. Too many requests to sign up for a vague group or to like a page lead to me unfriending them. 
  5. Too many useless Youtube videos shared by someone – I hit the "hide" button – first for the application – and then for the person.
  6. Facebook also sees your commenting and liking behaviour to share more of the same stuff in the News Feed – so I try to engage with as much different content as possible – so that my news feed is diverse and not an echo chamber.
How do you use Facebook?

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