Most Companies Use Social Media For Recruiting, Says JobviteSurvey

Of the respondents who are actively hiring this year, 92% said that they either “currently use or plan to” use social networks for recruiting new employees. Meanwhile, spending on more traditional tools like job boards and third-party recruiters either decreased or stayed constant for a majority of companies.

Not surprisingly, the social networking site most used by companies for recruiting is LinkedIn (78%) , followed by Facebook (55%). The site that saw the most growth was Twitter, which wasn’t even a blip on the radar when Jobvite first conducted this survey in 2008, but was used by 45% of respondents this year.

Most hiring firms will review a candidate’s social media presence as part of the vetting process, with 38% indicating that they always search for applicants’ social networking profiles and 32% doing so only sometimes.

Indicating that the social media’s involvement in job recruiting is more than just hype, the survey reported that 58% of companies had successfully hired employees via a social networking site.

The complete results of the survey are available on Jobvite’s website (free registration required to download).

Of course, these are US numbers, but I reckon Indian numbers would follow the trajectory as well.


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