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Using Social Media Tools for Innovation

Got this interesting email from Futurethink

Forward-thinking companies use social media for more than just creative marketing campaigns. These companies harness the power of social media to promote a culture that fosters innovation, empowers effective collaboration with customers and partners, and streamlines idea development channels. But, how are they doing this?

1) Empower Employee Collaboration 

More than 60,000 companies are now using Yammer, a software program that enables the creation of private, internal social networks. Using a social media platform to open up the lines of communication in your company can lead to a more engaged — and more innovative — workforce. 

2) Connect with Customers and Influencers 

If you listen carefully, your customers will tell you what they want. You can then communicate with them via social media channels to quickly address their concerns, encourage input, and influence the conversation during a controversy or crisis. Companies like Best Buy and Whole Foods use Twitter to monitor customer discussions and jump in when there's a problem to resolve. These companies dedicate resources to accomplishing this and employ individuals whose only job is to monitor and respond in these channels. 

3) Get Immediate Feedback on New Ideas 

Gap recently learned this lesson the hard way after introducing its now infamous new logo that was widely panned by customers on Twitter and Facebook. The company has since decided to scrap the new logo — but not until after a costly roll-out.

Best 25 Tech Consulting Firms To Work For, has unveiled a brand new ranking The Vault Technology Consulting 25that looks beyond prestige to determine the best tech consulting firms to work for.  Booz Allen Hamilton took the top spot in the inaugural Vault Tech Consulting 25, followed by Smartronix, Inc. and Deloitte Consulting LLP.