Understanding Meta-Products

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I am liking the idea of ‘Meta-products‘. What is a meta-product? The best  examples are Nike+, the fabulously daft Nabaztag and, more recently, Alertme. Generally speaking they’re physical objects, rooted in networked technology that are driven by mobile and web services. There is nothing new about this idea, it’s roots are well established in many sci-fi and computer science paradigms like ubiquitous computing, pervasive computing or more broadly the Internet of Things

The idea of meta-products perhaps gives us semantic framework within which we can talk more comfortably about experiences, without slipping into the void of intangibility that’s always felt like a hinderance to the service design dialogue or worshipping the design of objects for their  own sake. Primarily it gives consumers something much more tangible to understand and of course – buy.
The new meta-products will free us from myriad lcd displays, flashing leds and long learning curves, they will be smooth shiny, sculptural and most importantly – connected. The only issue now – is how to refer to myself as a meta-product designer without sounding like a git.

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