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Interesting how VCs are bringing in Talent partners to help their ventures hire aggressively 🙂

great post by NS Rajan !


Everyone Needs a Devil’s Advocate

NS Rajan


Opposition could be viewed as a conscience that speaks from outside you, akin to the ‘little voice’ inside you. It has been observed that unlimited power invariably hurtles us towards hubris, and leads to a subsequent downfall.  John Locke, philosopher and proponent of the social contract, wrote in ‘An Essay Concerning Human Understanding,’ that ‘all men are liable to error; and most men are, in many points, by passion or interest, under temptation to it’. Who else can and will discover your mistakes, but those who oppose you,and hence pave the way to your success!

The desire for freedom is clearly fuelled by our natural inclination to work towards what we cherish, and all of us hope to be successful in our quest. This presupposes the strong individualistic pursuits inherent in us, much as we live in a social collective. In…

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Financial Intelligence for HR Professionals

Got this email for an interesting training for HR folks

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Sumeet Varghese <>
Dear Friend,

Your HR Buddy in partnership with HR Guru & Associates is offering a Public Workshop for HR and Line Managers (from Non-Finance background) in Mumbai on Feb, 17, 2012.

Should you know people who would be interested, feel free to share the contents of this mail with them.

Please find below details about the program.

I have also enclosed the Brochure and Nomination Form.

Thank you for your support.

Kind Regards,

Sumeet Varghese
| M: +91 9998822978

Management Consultant

Social Learning! An 8 yr old does an experiment and shares it on her blog!

claire pontefract's blog

This week my sister and I did a experiment called “swirly colours”

If you are interested stay tuned:

You will need: flat bowl or deep plate, dish washing liquid, different coloured food colouring and milk.

Fill the bowl or plate with milk

Put 4 different colors of food colouring close to the edges.

Put a bit of dish washing liquid in the center, remember DO NOT MIX!


See a video of my  experiment

Here are some pics of what mine looked like:


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Now On @BraveNewTalent: Skill Communities

And my profile is here

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Gone viral


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