Social Media and HR – Research by @Wipro Consulting

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Interesting research by the Consulting folks at Wipro

Key findings:

  • 63% of the CXOs use social media in their respective industries, though this is not indicative of the extent of usage and effectiveness
  • Majority of the CXOs are in agreement with the fact that social media is relevant and the usage should be emphasized upon to gain maximum of it
  • Social media continues to remain a major tool for organizations to reach their customers and employees, however, marketing and sales leads the way, followed by human resources and corporate social responsibility
  • Majority of the organizations use social media in human resources. However, they also agree that it has not been tapped to the maximum. It is used disparately and inconsistently, however, organizations are confident that they will be using social media better in the future to be ahead of the competition
  • Leadership in majority of the organizations have shown keen interest in usage of social media in the areas of Internal Branding, Collaboration & Communication, and Hiring
  • Hiring emerged as the only area where organizations were found to be social media ready
  • Data security emerged as the number one impediment to implementing or using social media platforms, closely followed by perceived lack of organizational maturity and monitoring capabilities

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