Dachis Group Launches Employee Insight

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From an email I received from Dachis Group:

As part of Dachis Group's suite of social analytics applications, Employee Insight empowers brand marketers to identify and activate employee advocates to drive engagement at scale

AUSTIN, Texas–May 22, 2012–Dachis Group, the world's leading social software and solutions firm, today announced the launch of Employee Insight, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that measures the impact of employees’ social activities on a brand and allows for the management of employee advocacy programs. With this launch, Dachis Group will be offering a free webinar series and 1-on-1 tours of its product suite.

CMOs, brand managers, and social community managers have long sensed the opportunity presented by engaging with millions of fans and followers on a global basis. Unfortunately, marketers are vastly outnumbered by their community members and have lacked the tools to engage with these massive groups of customers and prospects at scale. Particularly in retail, B2B companies, and high consideration/high complexity product categories like high tech and consumer electronics, the demand for brand and product experts far outstrips supply. However, in each of these companies, there exists a plentiful pool of passionate experts who love evangelizing the brand: employees.

"Engagement at scale requires the identification and activation of all of a brand's most passionate advocates. For many brands, especially in service oriented businesses, their employees are the front line, first point of contact, and the absolute most important interaction with customers," said Jeffrey Dachis, Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Dachis Group. "With the launch of Employee Insight, brand marketers can finally tap into and measure the effects of one of the most powerful tools in their social marketing arsenal; employee advocates."

Employees are a critical missing element for successful engagement at scale for large brands. Employees are unique for their dual role as verifiable experts on an industry or product as well as the authentic voice they contribute to online and offline discussion. An enthusiastic, engaged workforce authentically sharing a brand message provides a previously unattainable level of brand impact. The key is coordinated and measurable activation of employees by the brand. Achieving this kind of activation is not a trivial problem.

Finding, recruiting, and mobilizing employees is a significant challenge for marketers at most brands. They know employee advocates are out there, but how do you focus their potential and measure their impact? The best way to answer these questions is with Employee Insight, Dachis Group's big data social analytics application for employee advocacy. Employee Insight monitors and measures the daily interactions between 30,000 brands and 100 million social accounts to identify brands’ most passionate and engaged employees and then provide the management tools necessary to mobilize them.

Features include:

Employee Profile: Showcases the employee's brand-related social activity, including posts, followers, sentiment, and echoed signals so others can learn by example.

Employee Message Center: Helps you mobilize your team by showcasing news, sharing best practices, and sending invites.

Employee Leaderboard: Identifies and ranks your top employee accounts, tracking signals, audience, conversation, and strength.

Employee Portal: Mobilizes your employee social effort with best practices, social policies, program updates, invitations, and leaderboards to accelerate participation.

"Successful employee advocacy programs have thousands to tens of thousands of participants," said Erik Huddleston, EVP Product and CTO, Dachis Group. "Employee Insight provides the analytic and management tools to scale authentic engagement."

Your employees may be your brand's secret weapon. Find out through a 1-on-1 tour how to identify and activate your employee advocates to drive engagement at scale. To sign up, visit http://social.dachisgroup.com/tour/.

In addition to the launch of Employee Insight, Dachis Group today announces an upcoming webinar titled "Six Steps to Launching an Employee Advocacy Program" with industry thought leader Dion Hinchcliffe on the value of employee advocacy at large brands. The webinar will be held at 2:00 PM ET Thursday May 31, 2012 at http://social.dachisgroup.com/webinar/. Registration is now open.

About Dachis Group

Dachis Group is the world's leading social software and solutions firm.

Dachis Group measures and manages the Social Business performance for the world's leading brands through a combination of Dachis Group's proprietary big data social analytics and SaaS based social intelligence data services, and the world's leading Social Business solutions group.

More than lightweight social broadcast point solutions, keyword based listening solutions, or commodity social content management systems, Dachis Group helps the world's leading brands by providing the data, insights, and action programs to deliver powerful social engagement at scale.

The company serves over 50% of Fortune 500 brands worldwide including clients Disney, Discover Financial Services, Estée Lauder, Hewlett Packard, IHG, Kodak, Nestlé, Nokia, and Target with a global network of offices employing over 250 professionals around the world.

Each day, the Dachis Group platform monitors 10 billion social behaviors and well in excess of 50 million social signals. Dachis Group's "big data" social analytics platform tracks, monitors and helps manage conversations across 30,000 brands, 100 million social accounts, and a combined audience size of 5.2 billion followers, fans, and subscribers from 233 countries across dozens of social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest, Renren, Twitpic, Foursquare, and MySpace, as well as blogs, wikis, forums, BBS, message boards, websites, and thousands of other sources.

Dachis Group Social Software and Solutions

Social Performance Monitor – As the indispensable core of every social marketer's arsenal and built on top of Dachis Group's "big data" social analytics platform, Dachis Group's Social Performance Monitor is the most powerful brand-based social performance measurement, insights, and optimization solution for measuring social media's impact on brand performance.

Advocate Insight – The world's largest and most powerful brands have large numbers of passionate advocates. How do you identify them? Dachis Group's Advocate Insight offers advanced advocate identification and management features and the ability to isolate advocates based on geography, brand, platform, and affinity to specific social accounts of the brand. Advocate Insight then offers analytic tools for analyzing the advocate's impact and the tracking of the brand's engagement with advocates.

Employee Insight – Employee advocates are an untapped Social Business resource for most of the world's largest and most powerful brands. Dachis Group's Employee Insight offers advanced employee advocate identification and management features including a configurable online portal to mobilize employees with workflows and messaging to accelerate participation and echo and amplify the brand's social effort.

Social Business Index – Dachis Group develops and maintains the Social Business Index, providing ongoing real-time ranking, analysis, and benchmarking of Social Business performance for over 25,000 companies and over 30,000 brands tracking their conversations and activity across a social business graph of 100 million social accounts and 233 countries.

Dachis Group designs, develops, manages, and measures global social engagement programs through its customer facing Performance Brand Marketing programs and employee and enterprise facing Connected Company offerings. From social strategy, listening, community, collaboration to advocacy, Dachis Group delivers engagement at scale for its global clients.

As one of the largest Facebook® Preferred Marketing Developer Program partners, through Dachis Group and subsidiaries, Dachis Group has launched hundreds of custom Facebook applications, tabs, and Facebook connect integrations for global clients on the world's largest and fastest growing social network and manages the Facebook presences for many of the world's leading brands.

Dachis Group hosts an ongoing series of annual Social Business Summits around the globe, exploring the most current ideas in Social Business thought leadership, fostering ongoing dialog among participants, and engaging other Social Business practitioners in real-time, in-person, day-long events.

Dachis Group also operates and manages the Social Business Council, the largest peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing community for active Social Business practitioners.

To learn more, register for the Social Business Index, a free service built on Dachis Group's social analytics platform, and sign up for a 1:1 tour of Employee Insight, Advocate Insight, and Social Performance Monitor at http://social.dachisgroup.com/tour/.

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