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What could be the best possible reward to the readers of a blog by the blog owner?

Answer by Gautam Ghosh:

Two things:

1. Help them form a community. Who are they? What's common between them? Can they learn from each other? Connect them to each other. Instead of a one to many conversation, spark a "many to many conversation" around a shared passion – what draws them to your blog

2. Help them think about new possibilities, new solutions, new aspects with every blog post. Challenge their perspectives. Drive new action.

Really, as a blogger, that's all they want from you. And it's all that you can do.

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How do you capitalize on press attention in your field?

Answer by Gautam Ghosh:

  • Find journalists who cover your industry on Twitter/ Quora
  • Add them to a list
  • Monitor what they are talking about and if you can add any inputs, reply to them – RT and Follow them too,
  • Have a good explanatory bio with your professional title
  • Link to your blog
  • Blog, blog, blog – showcasing your knowledge and insight
  • Soon you will become the go-to expert if you really have it in you

All the best

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I can scale any twitter account’s followers base to 10,000+ real targeted followers. How can I market the service and how much should I c…

Answer by Gautam Ghosh:

First, define your market.

Who would want 10,000+ targeted followers? A marketer and communicator, obviously. Not so much an actor/politician/entertainer.

Showcase value

  1. How do you define targeted? Geographically? Based on bio? Can you customise the targeting? How will it be different for a B2B global marketer vs a B2C local marketer?
  2. Even if these are targeted, are they active? If the marketer asks them for feedback will they see the question? That depends on the number of people/brands they follow. Can you give any guarantee?

If you can do these then the value would still depend on the business and benefits to the company. Delivering 15 qualified leads to a B2B company selling million dollar deals would be worth more than selling 10,000 leads to a B2C company selling $5 widgets.

Price it accordingly.

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If you had the choice, how would you like to die?

Answer by Gautam Ghosh:

Evaporation in a milli-second, yeah, that sounds very attractive than pain and suffering over months/weeks. However, it is very unlikely. I don't think nuclear weapons being exploded are going to be very common.

So I'd choose, dying in my sleep, going from one level of consciousness to a (hopefully) higher one.

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Is it mentally unhealthy to have high expectations?

Answer by Gautam Ghosh:

Since no details have been given I am going to assume it is about having expectations from other people.

The answer is, it depends.

Having expectations from people who lack skill is unhealthy. They might not be competent to deliver what you expect.

On the other hand if people have the skill, but are not confident of doing it, high expectation while showing that you have the confidence in them to do it, often suprises them with the result.

Self-fulfilling prophecy (

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