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You have to read this blog post by Nilanjana Roy and join her to say “Enough”

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That girl, the one without the name. The one just like us. The one whose battered body stood for all the anonymous women in this country whose rapes and deaths are a footnote in the left-hand column of the newspaper.

Sometimes, when we talk about the history of women in India, we speak in shorthand. The Mathura rape case. The Vishaka guidelines. The Bhanwari Devi case, the Suryanelli affair, the Soni Sori allegations, the business at Kunan Pushpora. Each of these, the names of women and places, mapping a geography of pain; unspeakable damage inflicted on women’s bodies, on the map of India, where you can, if you want, create a constantly updating map of violence against women.

For some, amnesia becomes a way of self-defence: there is only so much darkness you can swallow. They turn away from all the places that have become shorthand for violence beyond measure…

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What are some effective non-monetary ways to recognize your employees?

Answer by Gautam Ghosh:

Acknowledge their contribution publicly, in front of senior leadership. Be specific about what they did and how it contributed.

By doing so you do three things:

  1. You reinforce positive behavior
  2. You instill pride
  3. You showcase behavior for the other people listening to you.

Another way, is to enable them to recognize and acknowledge each other.

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How is starting a blog today different from starting a blog 10 years ago?

Answer by Gautam Ghosh:

I started blogging 10 years ago. Here are some thoughts:

  1. There were very few bloggers then. We formed a cliquish community and used to read each other's blogs, comment on them and obsess over traffic stats. So getting readership today is much tougher.
  2. 10 years ago you could take a broad topic and start blogging on it. Today most niches are populated by many blogs, so finding a niche that you can "own" is very difficult
  3. Sharing blog posts with people who don't read blogs today is much easier – via Twitter and Facebook. 10 years ago friends and family did not really understand what "blogging" was.
  4. One thing that hasn't changed – is the passion you need to start and sustain a blog

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Why should I be on Quora?

Answer by Gautam Ghosh:

  • You can get interesting, funny and knowledgeable answers to your questions
  • You can follow smart and intelligent people who are answering very interesting questions
  • You can follow interesting topics and find out questions that people are asking about it – and if you think you can answer them, you do so.
  • When people find your answer useful they give you an "upvote" and that is a very good feeling (like getting RT'ed on Twitter :))
  • When you find an interesting question you can "promote" it by using your credits and so give it more visibility.
  • Some Quora questions are "best of the web" (with a star next to them) – these have been agreed by people to be the best sources of information about it across the whole web.

So lots of good reasons, eh?

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Career goals/Life goals: How do you set the right one?

Answer by Gautam Ghosh:

Am in that age bracket and I aim for three kinds of professional goals

  • Intellectual development – I aim to keep learning something regularly. Broaden my professional concepts and build depth in two three areas
  • Share my knowledge – As much as I learn, I also share. Via blogs, Twitter and Quora.
  • Get to know influential people in my industry – Network at conferences, follow up on LinkedIn. Volunteer to help them. If you can't help them, direct them to someone else.

Together the three goals have worked out well for me. Here is what I try not to set as goals:

  1. Financial goals – These are a moving target. And you'll never be happy with what you achieve
  2. Comparison  – Never try to compare yourself with a classmate and their level of success (as percieved by you)

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