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MTR service lackadaisical?

I have to disagree with this bit of Margot Cohen’s article about Bise Bele Bhat at MTR

Going strong since 1924, this Bangalore institution sells about 150
plates of bisi bele bath a day. Customers must cool their heels in the
Waiting Hall after giving their names to a barefoot man with a
clipboard. Never mind the red plastic chairs, dingy walls and
lackadaisical service: Revel in the family hubbub and marvel at the
quantities of food ingested here.

It’s the “homeliest” service I have ever come across and that’s because
they take their food to be paramount, not the customers..

That’s the reason why people return…even if they have to cool their heels in the waiting room for 45 mins!

Try telling the MTR waiter you
will not have a second helping during the thali… He will look so
offended that you will bend to him.. and be thankful that you did !


Mice don’t like cheese?

A research in the UK has said that mice don’t like cheese !

And all these years I believed that to be the case, having grown up on watching Tom & Jerry !

It’s such a downer when some aphorisms are broken !

Next thing you know they’ll tell us that kids don’t really get delivered by storks or something ! And that there is no Santa Claus! Or they’ll find out that the earth is not really -but flat. Hey wait, someone already said that !

Two XLers reform an IIMA grad ;-)

One of them was Banished Soul. Read all about it here!

Vikas Khanna of WGSHA on a project highlight the problems faced by travellers with disabilities. For that he’s rounding up some of the world’s great chefs to cook at the seven wonders of the world. It starts with the Pyramids of Egypt ! Read more about Vikas here. I consider myself fortunate to count him as a friend !

World Chefs “Cooking for Life” is hosting a culinary event “The Living Pyramids Tour” in Cairo, Egypt. Proceeds from the event will be used to promote accessibility programs in Egypt and other popular tourist attractions.  

During the four-day event, from July 18-21, guests will enjoy dinners prepared by 21 internationally renowned chefs from 18 countries. Ingredients used will be from the local markets purchased that day. Sitting in the shadow of the pyramids, guests will be entertained with Egyptian music and dance by local performers.

“The Living Pyramids Tour” is the first of a series of culinary events presented by World Chefs “Cooking for Life,” a non-profit organization founded by Chef Vikas Khanna, whose mission is to bring the world together through food. He has received a number of accolades for his humanitarian work and was honored with the prestigious “Access to Freedom Award” from The Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality (SATH). Past honorees include President George W. Bush and The Prince Charles, Prince of Wales. 

For more information on “The Living Pyramids Tour” please visit

Pubs and restaurants in Mumbai

Grand Nun Kim has the reviews of places in Mumbai, like Prithvi Cafe.