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My learnings about Social Business Strategy

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In November I opted for a radical shift in my career from HR, OD and Training – to the new emergent field of Social Business Strategy,  becoming a Social Business Strategy Consultant with a start-up called 2020 Social in India.

During these months – I have been thinking and blogging about how business can leverage and utilize social technologies internally to build internal employee communities – to build an open and transparent organization.

Primarily I look what what are the cultural constructs within an organization that build collaboration, and what are the Leadership imperatives that would support such an organization. In fact, at 2020 Social we believe in eating our own dog food.

Social technologies help people to connect – so it’s not a surprise that one of the main focus of my research is also how Social Media can help organizations with Recruiting – and thoughts about Social Employee Relationship Management.

My personal take is that these trends would continue increasing – as organizations build internal networks to resemble Facebook, and as Twitter became the top trend in US jobs in 2009.

Check out our definition of Social Business Strategy – Business Strategy Plus Technology Plus Sociology and our Position Paper

….Because Business is Social

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Many people have been asking me what exactly is it that we do at 2020 Social…

  • Is it social media marketing?
  • Is it digital marketing?
  • Is it online PR?
  • What exactly is social business strategy?

To answer all your queries, here’s a presentation we’ve put together about our philosophy and what we do. To know more, you can click through to our website 🙂

US CEOs not interested in Blogs, Social Media

Interesting findings:

Research conducted by the blog found that only two CEOs had Twitter accounts and 81 percent of CEOs did not have a personal Facebook page.

Only 13 CEOs had profiles on the professional networking site LinkedIn. Three CEOs stood out with more than 80 connections but they were all from technology companies — Michael Dell from computer maker Dell Inc., Gregory Spierkel from technology products distributor Ingram Micro Inc., and John Chambers from Cisco Systems Ltd.

Three quarters of the CEOs did have some kind of Wikipedia entry, but nearly a third of those had limited or outdated information such as incorrect titles, or lacked sources.

Not one Fortune 100 CEO had a blog.

“It’s shocking that the top CEOs can appear to be so disconnected from the way their own customers are communicating. They’re giving the impression that they’re disconnected, disengaged and disinterested,” said Sharon Barclay, editor at who runs executive PR firm Blue Trumpet Group.

“No doubt regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Reg-FD make CEOs cautious about communicating freely, but they’re missing a fabulous opportunity to connect with their target audience and raise their company’s visibility,” Barclay said, referring to financial reporting regulations aimed at protecting investors.

Interestingly according to Digital Inspiration a few Indian CEOs are blogging, but if you arrange companies by size I reckon the findings might be similar to the CEO study in the US – or worse.

The Indian CEOs who are blogging are Mohan Babu (Infosys), Rajeev Karwal (Milagrow), Ajit Balakrishnan (, Sanjeev Bikhchandani(, Basab Pradhan (Gridstone), Jay Pullur (Pramati), B.G. Mahesh (, Arindam Chaudhuri(IIPM), Anaggh Desai (Damas India)

New website for Mothers looking at flexible careers: Fleximoms

A friend of mine, Sairee Chahal who is the driving force behind SAITA consulting has come up with a great concept for mothers who want to get back to careers – but would however look for a lot more flexibility in their work.

Enter Fleximoms

It is a platform connecting women professionals seeking flexible work and corporate India.

Fleximoms works towards strengthening and enhancing the flexibility value chain for women professionals, businesses and all related stakeholders.

Following are the services offered for women professionals:

• Talk to a mentor,

• Flexible Professional trainings and workshops

• Find flexible work

• Become a Business Owner

• Get connected to the professional world

Fleximoms offers following services for companies:

• Jobs Board

• Customized Resource Initiative Programs and Flexible Work Modules

• Assistance with HR and Diversity Policies

• Specialized Trainings

• Physical Support (crèches, caregiver training etc)

• Advertising Solutions

Indian Bloggers – Alltop clone

Gaurav Mishra has come up with a nifty hack, using the wonderful OneNews theme for WordPress, which is especially designed to build Alltop clones.

Gaurav built a Indian Bloggers Dashboard for Global Voices, and I’m featured on it!