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Business Today B School survey

madhukar gives it a “F” grade :-))

This warning about the validity of results is even more appreciated, since the shortlisted Top 30 “Best” B-Schools of India also include at least two “high decibel” advertisers:

1. two campuses of a ponytail B-school, which carries out full-page ads (with a small print at the bottom mentioning that it is beyond the “purview of AICTE and UGC”… or something of that nature), meaning: its degree/diploma will not be accepted as a post-graduate qualification in India or abroad (and, perhaps also to get a work visa in some of the countries).


2. a certain B-School in the NCR region which advertises itself as the “No-1 Private B-School” on TV, whose accredition for its MBA course was revoked last year

… Which perhaps also reflects how the survey was conducted:

About how the survey was conducted, the magazine describes:

“In the first phase, we shortlisted the 30 B-schools that were to be ranked. How? By asking MBA wannabes and recruiters to list the B-schools they would consider applying to (in the case of former) and recruiting from (for the latter).”

Hmm… er… Uh??

Isn’t there some circular logic here? – Or am I missing something?

I mean, aren’t these surveys meant to help the “MBA wannabes” to make a rational choice? And maybe even the “recruiters” to decide on the B-Schools to source from?

But this survey asks them to list the B-Schools they would “consider applying to” or “recruiting from”, so that it can tell them which B-Schools they should “consider applying to” or “recruiting from” !!!