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Mumbai Mirror Gets it

Yesterday Mumbai Mirror covered my blog post on the Jet Airways layoffs and rehiring fiasco in their section “Bloggers Park

The most interesting part of the whole thing was that as a Mainstream Media outlet, they actually linked out to my blog. 

So while I might not really read Mumbai Mirror or know what they are like I’d like to applaud their “outlinking” policy.


Interesting posts about Social Media

Here are some great posts from blogs I follow on Google reader and what they are talking about social media.

Socialmedian Replize to Twitter

An interesting feature on Socialmedian connecting conversation between two s|m users who are also on Twitter. Jason Goldberg CEO of Socialmedian, mails :

we now enable socialmedian users to automatically send a Tweet via Twitter when posting a comment or replize on socialmedian.

While I replied to GregHollingsworth on socialmedian, we know to send the tweet to his Twitter account GHollingsworth because he has linked his Twitter account to his socialmedian.

2. Users can include multiple socialmedian users in their reply (by including their socialmedian @username anywhere in their comments) and we’ll send tweets to each of them.

3. You can tweet a comment with or without a replize — meaning, you can just tweet your comment out to direct people to the story and your comment on socialmedian, or you can tweet your reply to a specific twitter user.

Next up from the socialmedian Replize team:  auto-complete when replying to people you know on socialmedian, and some other fun stuff.

By the way, you can follow the news I track.

I personally like Socialmedian better than Digg. 

SocialMedian to go to public beta

Have been an alpha member of SocialMedian for sometime now. Got this email from Jason Goldberg recently:

I wanted to give you a personal heads-up that socialmedian is going to be moving from private alpha to public beta as early as next week.
Thank you again so much for being a socialmedian Ambassador and for your ongoing help, support, and patience with our alpha. I hope it has been fun for you to participate in.
If you would like to blog about your experiences using socialmedian alpha now, that is fine. Or, you can wait until the site is beta as then your blog readers will be able to check out socialmedian without an invite code. I’ll be sending out more details about the move to beta as we get closer to a firm date. We’re working hard to get the feature set done. The beta will include several feature enhancements in addition to removing the invite requirement.
If you are already on S|M You can follow me on socialmedian at
MediaDeluge has a very good description of what Social|Median is

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On the Talent Bar at Socialmedian

Was surprised to see that my blog’s feed has been added to the Socialmedian network Talent Bar. Check it out if you have an alpha invite of Socialmedian

I was visiting the site after a long time – spurred by Jason’s email that spoke about how 2 iPhones would be gifted to two people who get the biggest number of followers 🙂

Some interesting developments I saw were that if you update your name on the settings page, it senses your twitter, friendfeed and other web presence sites and shows them to you, and you can add it to your profile. How cool is that!

Then there’s a twitter like thingy called Snip – you share a snip and your news networks get updated on your status. Nice.

And more on the iPhone contest by Jason:

The two individual on socialmedian who have the most followers
(besides myself and any other socialmedian employee) by midnight
eastern time this Friday, July 18, we’re going to give a free iphone
to. Just a little something to help folks start to discover some of the
new features.