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Interesting career networking site:

The folks at asked me to check out their website, which they are launching to become a job and career networking site for the Millenium generation.

So I checked it out.

Here are the good parts:

  • The focus is on helping people get started quickly. So they enable sign on using facebook connect – no long winded registrations needed.
  • The site makes it possible to import your Linkedin profile – so no need to build a resume . And you get a vanity URL. Mine is
  • There’s a tab which I think is a cooliris app- so if you are a photographer or other visual artist you can show off your videos and pictures there.
  • It builds an activity stream – which shows what you do on the site, and you can add your blog posts/status updates to that also. It also imports your existing blogs from Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress and Posterous.
  • There’s a stats chart – which promises to be interesting (or depressing, if you find that people are not viewing your profile) 🙂

Things I didn’t quite like or what didn’t work for me:

  • The Reader tab is to enable you to import your OPML file of RSS feeds or one feed at a time. Tried doing that – but it’s not working. The larger question is why would you read your feeds on a career networking site. This is one example of over-engineering features
  • The UI is quite dull and doesn’t engage me.
  • The Jobs section is US centric. There’s no other country mentioned there. Which is quite useless for folks from India. I don’t know why they invited me to check out the site.

So overall I think it needs to focus on getting the job search process done well, and let go of the blogging/reader aspects – or at least tuck it away and not make it so prominent.

Will it become a linkedin competitor? I doubt it. Even millenials have linkedin profiles and networks in place. Getting them to move – even as Linkedin focuses more and more towards being a service focused on jobs – would be tough.

The site also needs to think about how to attract recruiters – and showing them a value that they may not be getting at Linkedin.


Social Media Club Delhi 2nd Meet this Saturday

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The Social Media Club is an organization which was formed to bring people interested in the social aspect of media:

We imagine that the activities of the community will include both for profit and not for profit endeavours – you never know what will happen when bringing smart, creative and open minded people together. We can’t really imagine what this will look like a year from now – all we know is that by coming together we can be more effective than we can be alone. Cooperation and collaboration are the order of the day – not just across departments within your organization, but across organizations and particularly across traditional disciplines. So as we explained with the temporary home page, we want Social Media Club to be:

“A loosely joined association for open conversations on the future of media for: Artists, Students, Educators, Tool Makers, Media Creators, Citizen Journalist, Professional Journalists, Communications Professionals, Open Minded Collaborators.”

So some interested people helped us launch Social Media Clubs across the cities in India The list includes number of cities including Delhi (Facebook, Twitter), Mumbai (Blog) (Twitter), Bengaluru (Twitter), Chennai (Twitter), Kolkata (Twitter), Hyderabad (Twitter), and Pune (Twitter)

The second meeting of the Social Media Club in Delhi is this Saturday where Mayank Dhingra and Dipankar Sarkar, who started micro-blogging platform Kwippy, will lead the discussion on ‘the challenges of building a social platform in India’ at the 2nd meetup of Delhi Social Media Club. Do come to the following address:

Kunzum Gallery, T-49, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

If you want to attend, RSVP here on Facebook, Linkedin or Twtvite

Kolkata Blogger Meet

Alas, I won’t be able to go for it, but for those bloggers in Kolkata, please do try and make it for the Kolkata blogger meet on 8th August.

Abhishek Rungta and Aji Isaac would be speaking there

Web Reps Badge

More details here

The new Facebook page

Got the username for my facebook page (one needs to have 100 fans or more) finally.

So now we can connect on Facebook at

The facebook page has a feed of both my blogs being updated as well as interesting blog posts by other bloggers that I share on Google Reader

What are some of the other way we can use the page? Any idea?

Nine Mantras of Building Virtual Communities

I wrote this a long time back (November 2002) focusing on email listservs/egroups, but thought it’s still relevant these days with more and more people online and Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin becoming more and more popular

  1. Text matters like never before in the virtual world. Because when face to face richness is missing (Dr. Madhukar Shukla terms it the “reach vs richness debate”) you have to be very sure of what you write and what it could be interpreted as, as the person reading might not have the benefit of knowledge of your contexts.
  2. Communities in the networked world perhaps need a lot of investment with regard to time and effort , in my view perhaps more than social “real” communities.
  3. Virtual reputations might be different from ‘real’ ones, but they stick just as much.
  4. Giving more than recieving is the golden rule but seldom gets followed, as most people are in a recipient mode in such communities and don’t have an iota of clue about their influence or power.
  5. It takes a lot of guts to ‘say’ something publicly… and most people are uncomfortable doing that as it means taking a stand, and not just verbally. Your point of view is going in text format to hundreds and thousands of mail boxes, being read by people you might never meet. It is also going to be cached and searchable by search engines for posterity.
  6. Any lack of integrity on these listservs are sensed by people on these groups and even if they do not tell you on the face , the damage can be irrepairable.
  7. When in doubt , the Golden Rule continues to be “Honesty is the Best Policy”…saying “I don’t know” is a valued comment , because it is so rare.
  8. When you cannot help, redirect. On a lot of HR/OD/Trng egroups I come across a lot of “I need help regarding XYZ” kind of takes me a second to refer the person who queries to folks who are credible as well as prompt to reply.
  9. Time is the essence. No point answering someone’s query after 3 days..the time you could have built your impact is passe…for making an impact it has to be immediate