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On the top 100 Influencers in HR list

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When I started blogging, I found out about John Sumser from the folks in the American Recruiting blogosphere. John was one of the voices that buyers of Recruiting and HR services listened to before they decided what tools to buy and deploy.

So I was kicked in 2005 when John chose out my blog for praise.

John is now on an ambitious venture, chronicling and understanding the 100 influencers in the HR domain. And I was again stunned and flattered when he said he wanted to profile me in the list šŸ™‚

So we had a conversation on HR and India and US – and John quizzed me about my career and where I am headed.

So here’s John’s article on me at the top 100 Influencers site. Some other people whom I know (virtually šŸ™‚ ) who have been profiled in the list so far are:

  1. Allan Schweyer
  2. Rob McIntosh
  3. David Manaster
  4. Steve Boese
  5. Wes Wu
  6. China Gorman
  7. Lance Haun

As for me, I’ll believe I am influential when traffic in Delhi stops to let me pass šŸ˜‰


My learnings about Social Business Strategy

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In November I opted for a radical shift in my career from HR, OD and Training – to the new emergent field of Social Business Strategy,Ā  becoming a Social Business Strategy Consultant with a start-up called 2020 Social in India.

During these months – I have been thinking and blogging about how business can leverage and utilize social technologies internally to build internal employee communities – to build an open and transparent organization.

Primarily I look what what are the cultural constructs within an organization that build collaboration, and what are the Leadership imperatives that would support such an organization. In fact, at 2020 Social we believe in eating our own dog food.

Social technologies help people to connect – so it’s not a surprise that one of the main focus of my research is also how Social Media can help organizations with Recruiting – and thoughts about Social Employee Relationship Management.

My personal take is that these trends would continue increasing – as organizations build internal networks to resemble Facebook, and as Twitter became the top trend in US jobs in 2009.

Check out our definition of Social Business Strategy – Business Strategy Plus Technology Plus Sociology and our Position Paper

My new gig at 20:20 Social :-)

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Ok, here’s an announcement that I want to make.

I have joinedĀ 20:20 Social, India’s first social business strategy consulting firm

I guess, what you’re asking is – what the heck is a social business strategy consulting firm?

Social business is the new term (or meme, if you will) that is emerging to describe organizations that are leveraging social software and tools to connect with customers and other stakeholders – that’s right folks, bringing the social web into the organization.

As I have believed – such tools (call them web 2.0 or whatever) help in facilitating transparency and openness Ā and help achieveĀ the true goals of Organization Development

In my role in 2020 social (follow it on twitter) I would be looking at the enterprise practice – or essentially how organizations can deploy social tools to empower employees, build collaboration, develop knowledge and positively impact business. Yeah, some people call this Enterprise 2.0 too.

It takes me back to the starting point of my career – when I started out looking at organizational processes forĀ Knowledge Managementand then e-learning.

However as much as I love tools – I know thatĀ culture always trumps tactics, tools and even strategy. So I am looking at leveraging my HR and OD learnings to help client organizations deploy these social tools.

And I am super-excited to be working along with the amazingĀ 20:20 social team that includes an old blogging acquaintanceĀ Gaurav Mishra who blogs atĀ What makes Gaurav a kindred spirit is his openness and transparency as CEO – he blogs about the organization as he manages it šŸ™‚Ā Check out Gaurav’s posts onĀ how to build an Open and Collaborative Professional Services Firm, andĀ Top 10 FAQs on Building a Social Business Strategy Firm in India.

Am also looking forward to working with a true blue Thought Leader Dave Evans (not the AC/DC guy šŸ˜‰Ā author of a book on Social Media Marketing who blogs atĀ

You can download 20:20 Social’s position paper on Social Business Strategy asĀ a pdf, or read it onĀ scribd.

Who are the other folks who are doing something similar?

Well there are two that I know of – theĀ Altimeter Group andĀ Dachis Group.

20:20 Social has just started its journey and I am very excited to be part of something so new and emergent.

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Sense and Meaning

Jour 16 912
Image by emandir via Flickr

Shadows of the mind

Are real or dreams

What does it matter

When it seems real to me?

What is reality,

Why quibble over semantics,

When the fear and joy is real

That they instil in me.

Truth and fact

Don’t matter for me,

Context and


Are what get me across the path

Every moment

Has it been an hour or ages ago

My heart and mind do not know

Earlier poems:

The Rains

Another Day, Same Place

Where were you?

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5 ways to use Twitter effectively

Ever since I joined Twitter, I noticed the barriers to being a card carrying A-list member of the social media club just got lower. Twitter is flattening the rules of the game.Ā 

So how do you become a power twitter user?

  1. Timing is everything. The earlier you were on Twitter, the earlier will your avatar show on your follower list. That means your avatar is important on Twitter. It should pique interest for people to visit your twitter page.
  2. Have a purposeful bio: When you follow someone and they view you on their follower page, a mouse-hover on the name shows your short bio. Make it persuasive for people to follow you. In a lot of cases I don’t follow people because that bio does not tell me anything meaningful about why I should follow them
  3. Reply to all your @ replies: I believe Twitter is a conversation medium more than anything else, and therefore when people @ reply to you, use not just the reply feature on twitter but also tools like TwitterFox (a Firefox plugin) or TweetDeck to track replies to you that don’t begin with @example username.
  4. Don’t indiscriminately follow people in the hope they follow you back. Use for figuring out who shares your interests and then follow them. To enable people to find you make sure your tweets are relevant.Ā 
  5. If you have a blog, resist the temptation of using twitter solely as a medium to broadcast your updated content. If you do want to do it, create a separate account for it, like this.

What are some of the ways you have found twitter useful?