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Interesting career networking site:

The folks at asked me to check out their website, which they are launching to become a job and career networking site for the Millenium generation.

So I checked it out.

Here are the good parts:

  • The focus is on helping people get started quickly. So they enable sign on using facebook connect – no long winded registrations needed.
  • The site makes it possible to import your Linkedin profile – so no need to build a resume . And you get a vanity URL. Mine is
  • There’s a tab which I think is a cooliris app- so if you are a photographer or other visual artist you can show off your videos and pictures there.
  • It builds an activity stream – which shows what you do on the site, and you can add your blog posts/status updates to that also. It also imports your existing blogs from Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress and Posterous.
  • There’s a stats chart – which promises to be interesting (or depressing, if you find that people are not viewing your profile) 🙂

Things I didn’t quite like or what didn’t work for me:

  • The Reader tab is to enable you to import your OPML file of RSS feeds or one feed at a time. Tried doing that – but it’s not working. The larger question is why would you read your feeds on a career networking site. This is one example of over-engineering features
  • The UI is quite dull and doesn’t engage me.
  • The Jobs section is US centric. There’s no other country mentioned there. Which is quite useless for folks from India. I don’t know why they invited me to check out the site.

So overall I think it needs to focus on getting the job search process done well, and let go of the blogging/reader aspects – or at least tuck it away and not make it so prominent.

Will it become a linkedin competitor? I doubt it. Even millenials have linkedin profiles and networks in place. Getting them to move – even as Linkedin focuses more and more towards being a service focused on jobs – would be tough.

The site also needs to think about how to attract recruiters – and showing them a value that they may not be getting at Linkedin.


Another #socialrecruiting app

I’ve earlier blogged about Hireplug, which has an app that helps companies hire via social networks . Now it looks like there’s more such apps
Got an email from Stephane who’s the CEO of Work4 Labs, a San Francisco-based startup that develops the Facebook recruiting app, “Work for us.”  
He says:
We are developing innovative products based on our conviction that Facebook is essentially the world’s largest collection of data-rich, constantly updated resumes.
Despite the hype, it is not well publicized that Facebook is a booming means of recruitment.  As companies begin to rebuild their work forces on a limited budget, Facebook recruiting will grow exponentially.
Our app is already being used by over 3,000 clients, including Accenture, Cisco, PwC, American Apparel, L’OrĂ©al, P&G, and State Street.  We are in touch with several other major international companies and we are adding over 1,000 companies per month.  In only a few months, our clients have generated over 4 million job views and received 100,000+ applications via Facebook.
Some of their Clients are :

Analysis of a company’s Employment Brand on Social Media

We at 2020 Social ( recently compared the employment brand related conversations of two large IT firms on the social web by bloggers and on social networks.

The analysis looks at trends, themes and sentiments associated with these two IT firms over the period of one month (March 2010) It also has a representative recommendation section on how one of the firms can leverage the social web to build its employment brand.

Please note for confidentiality’s sake all identifiable data has been masked.

We would be happy to share this analysis with people who’d like to explore such a study for their own organization. Do send me a mail to with the subject: Request for Employment Brand Analysis

Do also go through our corporate blog at to understand what we do 🙂

What after Wall Street? !

You have to give it to these RiseSmart guys!

They know how to grab a job seeker’s attention. Specially the loaded ones 🙂

According to an email the folks there sent me:

RiseSmart, a $100K+ job site and HR service provider that delivers human-powered job search and outplacement services via the Web, today announced the launch of, a Web site dedicated to finding new jobs for the thousands of workers displaced by Wall Street layoffs. Wall Street layoff victims who sign up at the site will receive one month of free job search help from RiseSmart, a $43.95 value.

Well over 100,000 individuals have lost their jobs on Wall Street in the past year. But RiseSmart CEO Sanjay Sathe says these workers shouldn’t be discouraged — because there are currently nearly a million senior-level management openings on the Web, including tens of thousands of $100K+ finance and accounting positions.

“The problem isn’t that the $100K+ jobs aren’t out there,” explains Sathe, who has been quoted as an expert on Wall Street layoffs by CNBC and other media outlets. “It’s that finding them using conventional job-search sites is extremely time-consuming and inefficient. It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. This is the problem RiseSmart Job Concierge was created to solve.”

RiseSmart Job Concierge is a subscription-based service for $100K+ jobseekers that assigns each member a dedicated HR professional who searches senior-level job listings across the Web, returning only the listings that best match the subscriber’s specific criteria. The RiseSmart Job Concierge team listens to customer feedback to continually enhance the results it delivers to each subscriber.

By signing up at, laid-off Wall Street workers will receive one free month of RiseSmart Job Concierge service, a $43.95 value. Interested jobseekers should visit

Hiring is stable in India, says Naukri

Got this in an email from the Naukri folks:

The Naukri JobSpeak indicates a stable job scenario, the index inches up by 5% in Jan 2009

According to Naukri JobSpeak – The Overall Job Index inched up from 697 in December 2008 to 738 in January 2009, an increase of 5% in new jobs.

Bangalore saw an increase in new jobs by 18% in January 2009 as compared to December 2008.

The job index for ITes and BPO industry moves up by 28% in Jan 2009.

Functional areas including Teaching and Hospitality inched up above the July 2008 levels indicating a more robust job scenario in these sectors.

A location wise analysis reveals an improved situation in IT centres like Bangalore, Kolkata Hyderabad and Pune. The industry analysis reveals a positive scenario in IT, BPO, Telecom, Banking and Hospitality.

City wise Analysis: The job index for Bengaluru moves up by 18% in Jan 2009

The city wise analysis revealed a growth in new jobs in Bangalore and Kolkata. The Bangalore job index at 747, gained 18% as compared to December 2008. The Kolkata job index that had slipped to a low of 586 in December 2008, gained 23% in January 2009. Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune saw a marginal increase in jobs as compared to December 2008.

Industry Analysis:  ITeS , BPO and Telecom buoy the job industry

Most of the industries saw a positive hiring scenario in January 2009 as compared to December. Niche industries including Legal, Government and Defence continued to see an increase in Jobs, with the index above July 2008 levels.

Functional Area / Department Analysis: Most functional areas see an increase in demand

IT, ITeS, Sales, Project Management Accounting and Banking professionals saw an upward movement in the index, especially the ITes saw an increase in new jobs by 18%. Functional areas including Teaching and Hospitality inched up above the July 2008 levels indicating a robust job scenario in these sectors.


The index has been calculated based on new jobs added to the site month on month. July 2008 has been taken as the base month with a score of 1000 and the Aug 08-Jan 09 index is compared with the data for July. Data has been sourced from and is reflective of new job listings added on the site. Jobs have been categorised by location, functional area and industry. The index has been analysed across Cities/ Functional Area – Deptt / Industry verticals. The report (produced monthly) will show hiring trends across industry sectors, geography and functional areas. More than 32500 national and  international clients use, leading to high reliability of data.