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56% Believe Most CEOs Cheat on Taxes

Got this PR release over the email. Interesting findings.

Trust in Corporate America is in the tank

ORLANDO, FL (April 13, 2007) – A recent poll by, a new site dedicated to Americans earning up to $50k/year, reports that 56% believe most CEOs cheat on their taxes. The poll was taken from April 3 to April 10, 2009.

What’s behind the headline? Anger, frustration and disappointment in big business at large are consuming America’s workers. Take Adam from Tiffin, Ohio. “Ethics have gone out the window. It’s about making a buck at any cost while thousands lose their jobs and that’s just wrong.” Adds Monica from Clearwater, FL, “The thing with AIG really got me. But they’re just one of many. The bailouts, the bonuses, the job cuts, no one seems to know what they’re doing and I don’t trust the lot of them.”

So what’s it all mean? CEOs who don’t have the trust of their employees are going to lose. Says Gretchen Hofmann, founder of, “Too many CEOs are insulated in the big business bubble and productivity slides if they don’t have the trust of the troops. No one can afford that, especially now and this latest poll is a wake-up call.” is a daily opinion poll and blog dedicated to the 96 million people who earn up to $50k/year and make up the largest segment of the working population.


Charlene Li’s presentation on Future of Social Networks

Charlene Li (author of Groundswell, ex-Forrester analyst and now independent consultant) is one of the rare people who can say they are Social Media Experts as the truth.

Here’s a presentation she did at SXSW on the future of Social Networks.

On Leadership “Gurus”

The Bnet blog has a critical look:

In Thought Leaders & Gurus: Too Big for Their NichesAllen Weiss suggests the following:

My sense is that all of this thought-leader stuff is really just for selling something. The same goes for the word “guru.” That’s fine, I guess, if you want to characterize yourself in some new age words in order to sell books.


I couldn’t agree more. I also think the last thing we need when we’re all struggling with a global financial crisis is some self-proclaimed thought leader telling us where we went wrong and how, if we follow and pay for their brand of thinking, we’ll be better managers.

I personally think gurus/thought leaders/pundits/analysts or whatever you call them are necessary to generate ideas and spread them, but do approach them with a skeptic’s viewpoint, and not of the newly converted. 

Remember, there are no new ideas. Only old ideas in new contexts. India’s environment resource center

I wanted to introduce you to Frogg (, which is an
environment resource centre that offers many ideas and resources to
Indians who want to pursue a cleaner and greener way of life and work.
It’s also a place where you can discuss, learn, and contribute on
environmental topics.

First is to spread awareness about Global Warming. You can make a
powerful statement by switching off your lights for just 1 hour during
the Earth Hour on Saturday, March 28, at 8:30 PM (

This is a huge global movement that you can join. We also hope that
you can inspire and organise the community around to celebrate with
you. Frogg has a lot of resources that you can use to get these
celebrations of the ground, like email content, ready made posters,
and fun stuff for kids.

Holi is just round the corner and if you are looking for a greener way
to celebrate (though not necessarily cleaner 🙂 by using natural
colours check out the Frogg feature on Greening Your Holi. (BTW, many
holi colours are carcinogenic)

Support International Women’s Day by bringing domestic violence to a halt

From an email I recieved recently:

We’re writing to call on you to get involved in our campaign, Bell Bajao (Ring the Bell), calling on men and boys to join women in bringing domestic violence to a halt.

As you know, Bell Bajao, has been already reached millions across India and is encouraging unprecedented engagement on the ground.  We want YOU to be part of the action to promote women’s rights.

Breakthrough is celebrating  International Women’s Day on March 8, by celebrating all those who are speaking out, through their actions, their beliefs, their music or art.

Join the blog action week from March 2 – 8 on and tell us your stories. Write about those people who support women’s rights either through their passion, their work or in their personal lives.

Stories can include photographs, videos and other visual elements to be posted online. Do include a short description of yourself as well (name, age, location, any additional details).

You’ll be joining some amazing male leaders like  Bollywood actor and Bell Bajao ambassador Boman Irani. (

Notable author and former UN Undersecretary General Shashi Tharoor is writing…Fashion designer Sandeep Khosla is talking…Bell Bajao campaign creator Zenobia Pithawalla speaks out…Ad film director Bauddhayan Mukerji frames his views…Copywriter Ryan Mendonca crafts lines…activist Harish Sadani is taking a stand on The Bell Bajao Blog (

So join Breakthrough in bringing domestic violence to a halt!  Bell Bajao!