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The staRs of tennis: Rafa and Roger

What a match!

What a pair of geniuses.

We salute you Rafa and Roger, and are thankful that we get to see magic made before our very eyes.

As the Washington Post says:

A thrilling display of shot-making followed. In his four years as the world’s No. 1 player, Federer has grown accustomed to wielding his racket like a magician’s wand. His cross-court forehand is a wonder to behold, particularly when the ball skims the sideline just so and takes a sharp turn out of the court. Even Federer must marvel at his artistry.

But Nadal denied him that luxury so many times Sunday because he kept retrieving balls that would have been winners against lesser men and firing back winners in kind. Still, another tiebreaker was needed.

Nadal bolted to a 5-2 lead but played his worst two points of the match to give Federer a reprieve. After fending off a match point at 6-7, Federer soon found himself again in trouble when Nadal blasted a beautiful passing shot down the line.

Federer answered with a backhand passing shot even more beautiful than Nadal’s and went on to win the tiebreak and pull even at two sets each.


Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight – The Joker Fan Trailer

The trailer to the upcoming Batman movie “The Dark Knight” in which the late Heath Ledger acted as the Joker

Remembering Sir Hillary

Sir Edmund Hillary, conqueror of Everest, died in New  Zealand. 

” I have stood at both the north and south poles as well as on the worlds highest peak. When I look back over my life, though, I have little doubt that the most worthwhile things I have done have not been getting to the summits of great mountains or to the extremes of the earth. My most important projects have been the building and maintaining of schools and medical clinics for my dear friends in the Himalaya. I clearly remember the day when we first opened te khumjung school with only 47 children in scruffy sherpa clothes. Now one of them is a pilot of a Boeing 767 and others are important executives in travel, business, and nonprofit organizations. 

                                          – Sir Edmund Hillary in his interview to National Geographic in 2003 on the 50th Anniversary of Everest Expedition

The Comic Project

If you grew up in India in the 70s and 80s, you might have read Indrajal Comics, with stories of the Phantom, Mandrake, Bahadur, Flash Gordon when you were in school.

The Comic Project is a blog that is attempting to scan the rare issues of Indrajal Comics and bring childhood memories back to life. Go ahead. Enjoy!

BS Manjunath passes away – murdered by corrupt petrol pump owners

Gaurav Sabnis remembers his friend from IIML, Manjunath who did not bow down before the dictates of the petrol pump mafia.

We’ll mourn your passing away Manjunath, from a fellow Lucknow lover !

The Indian Express article, the Telegraph article. Amit Verma blogs about it here. Rashmi Bansal calls him a Soldier of Conscience.