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Saachi and Suruchi

Saachi and Suruchi

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During our recent visit to KIAMS (Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies) where I was invited to judge the paper writing competition.

This was clicked in the evening on their tower called the ‘lighthouse’.

Harihar is a beautiful and sleepy town…with an awesome 850 year old temple of a rare diety, Harihareshwar, half of Vishnu (Hari) and Half of Shiva (Hara). Apparently the temple was made to promote amity between the Shivaites and Vaishnavites.


More Brit than the British

Agatha Christie fans to celebrate her 126th birthday in Delhi

and where Wodehouse has a club!

Middle class India’s accent may be American, but reading habits remain very British !

Mice don’t like cheese?

A research in the UK has said that mice don’t like cheese !

And all these years I believed that to be the case, having grown up on watching Tom & Jerry !

It’s such a downer when some aphorisms are broken !

Next thing you know they’ll tell us that kids don’t really get delivered by storks or something ! And that there is no Santa Claus! Or they’ll find out that the earth is not really -but flat. Hey wait, someone already said that !


Dipta reflects how the corporate world has stifled but not killed his PJAXI talents 😉

Three thoughtful guys at a meeting

L&D team meeting at Deloitte

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Looking in the distance…trying to get some calrity about the vision (!) ?