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9 Wishes for 2009

Dear fellow Indians, may 2009 be the year when:

  1. Our politicians display some long term thinking
  2. Our youth not be apathetic towards politics anymore
  3. Our movie stars not fight (either in birthday parties or on blogs)
  4. Our TV channels not focus on superstition or sensationalism.
  5. Our print media stops focusing on advertisers’ needs and instead focuses on relevance to the reader
  6. Politics stops being the first refuge of scoundrels
  7. Our sportstars start playing as much as the money they get in endorsements.
  8. Terrorists realise that terrorising India is pointless – we can’t start a war
  9. Corporate India starts thinking more than quarterly profits.

Join Vote Yatra 2009

Anupam Gupta (aka BombayAddict) is encouraging people to be mobilised via the internet to go and rock the vote.

It starts with the Delhi and other State Assemby elections, and culminates in the big 2009 general elections. Get the word out, join the Facebook group and follow VoteYatra on Twitter !

Sites for the Delhi state elections, due to be held this Saturday: