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Hiring through Twitter and Blogs

Rajesh @ Blogworks says:

I am finding myself drawn to a lot of young professionals who write blogs, or are active on Twitter, for our next round of hiring at Blogworks. Much more than even LinkedIn, which I find too static, and definitely more than college recruitment proposals that we get from time-to-time.

a lot of communication students are now studying/ researching social media impact at university level; they are writing blogs that give a glimpse into their learning; Twitter is their playground and their interactions their allow a nice window into their personality. It’s easy to find a culture match when you have interacted with a prospect one-on-one through these online engagements.

So if you’re angling for a job in social media and marketing, I guess what you’ve got to do is start participating in the conversation. Think of it as getting work experience !

What I’d be interested to know is what kind of people are more the ‘blogging’ kind and what kind of people are the ‘twittering’ kind?

On first thought I’d have said bloggers are more ‘speakers’ and tweeple are more ‘conversation facilitators’ – but I guess that’s too simplistic.

Any thoughts?


Making money via blogs

Rajesh Lalwani makes some pertinent points in his post on Making Money via blogs. Lots of Indian blogger examples. Even yours truly is mentioned 🙂

However, most people tend to simply associate making money via blogs to advertising. From where I look at it though, significant or even reasonable amounts of money from writing a blog are for a privileged few who dedicate a considerable amount of time & energy to writing their blogs and cover strong niche/s.

Not all bloggers (or those who write blogs along) are equal…but money can come in many different ways. Also let’s not forget that for ‘many’ earning money may just be a byproduct, or not even a consideration – showcasing thought leadership, seeding & engaging a community, or plain expression might be the simple motives.