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The Chaotic Carnival of HR is up

at the Recruitment2.0 blog.

Go read the 29 random HR bloggers’ posts – and try to see if you can see a pattern/theme in them


On a tangentially related note have you read my posts on chaos and complexity?

The latest CoHR is up

at the Maximise Possibility blog for the 15th of April.

Check out 21 great posts about HR and related geekiness and goodness there !

The Carnival of HR on All Fool’s Day

Here’s a shout out to the Fistful of Talent blog for hosting the 1st April Carnival of HR.

Read about foolish behavior and fools and HR 😉 there!

18th March Carnival of HR

I was not online on 18th March, as it was my father’s first death anniversary. However I would like to belatedly give a shout out to Erik at the i4cp blog for hosting the latest carnival of HR.

What’s the Carnival all about?

HR bloggers from across the world contribute their chosen blog posts to a fortnightly host who puts them on his/her blog.

Go ahead and read it to experience the joy 😀


Latest Carnival of HR is up

Michael does a great job of the Carnival this time with the theme of change! It’s hosted at the Pennsylvania Labor and Employment Blog.

My fave posts were Dan’s post Help Wanted: Great Leader. No Technical Experience Needed?

and Chris’ post Your Job is Value Creation

Honorable mention: Nina’s post Leadership’s All About Academics…No It’s Experience…No It’s Ability

Go check them out.