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Downturn Effects: New HR designations

Ok, I got this over the email, so it’s not an original piece of work. If this has been put together by you, or by someone you know, insert the name in the comments.

So post the downturn here’s the latest HR designations that your firm can take up!


Chief – Head Roller

HR Executive -temporary

HR Executive – permanently temporary

HR Executive – mass layoffs

HR Executive – situationally exploitative removals

Separation Consultant

HOD – Manpower Retrenchment Planning (MRP)

HOD – Mass Emotional Shock Handling (MESH)

HOD – Mass Communicator- Bad News

HOD – Pseudo Promotion


Head – HR (RR) – Human Resource (Recrutiment & Removal)

Head – HR (HR) – Human Resource (Hire & Remove)

 Head- HR (ER) – Human Resource (Engage & Remove)