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Ning update

New update from Ning.com
With the new, when new people sign up for the Ning Platform via, they will see a list of recommended social networks. These
recommended social networks will be identified by their momentum and
This means that if you have a fast growing social network on Ning and want
to add new members, this may help drive new members to you.

I would love to see how the Ning algorithm judges relevance for people who might find it useful 🙂

Also would be keeping an eye out for any spurt of memberships on HR Professionals’ network that I manage on Ning.


HR professional’s community crosses 600 members

The HR professionals’ community that I started on Ning has recently crossed the 600 members mark!

Here’s wishing it adds value to each of the (so far) 601 members.

Six reasons to join HR professionals on Ning

Here are some reasons to join the HR professionals‘ community on Ning.

  1. 463 HR professionals from across India and the world to connect with!
  2. You get a personalised customisable profile page like this.
  3. Discuss interesting and thought provoking topics on the Forum.
  4. Let the community know about important HR and related events.
  5. Join common interest groups.
  6. Post your blog posts for a readymade audience

So, what are you waiting for?

The HR Professionals Community grows

The HR Professional’s community that I started now has around 450 people. If you’re in HR, or know HR people in India looking for a community to connect with, tell them 😀 ! to start a Job Board

Looks like the blogging community for Recruiters is finally going to add what many would have expected them to add first – a job board !

In an email Jason Davis says:

Looks Like Thursday of this week, will launch a proper Job board for the recruiting and HR Industry. Every member of will be notified of a special code for posting.


Here’s a new India based HR community I discovered – HRLink

Of course, my global HR community is doing well too.. currently 340 people at HR professionals and it’s growing steadily.