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Interesting career networking site:

The folks at asked me to check out their website, which they are launching to become a job and career networking site for the Millenium generation.

So I checked it out.

Here are the good parts:

  • The focus is on helping people get started quickly. So they enable sign on using facebook connect – no long winded registrations needed.
  • The site makes it possible to import your Linkedin profile – so no need to build a resume . And you get a vanity URL. Mine is
  • There’s a tab which I think is a cooliris app- so if you are a photographer or other visual artist you can show off your videos and pictures there.
  • It builds an activity stream – which shows what you do on the site, and you can add your blog posts/status updates to that also. It also imports your existing blogs from Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress and Posterous.
  • There’s a stats chart – which promises to be interesting (or depressing, if you find that people are not viewing your profile) 🙂

Things I didn’t quite like or what didn’t work for me:

  • The Reader tab is to enable you to import your OPML file of RSS feeds or one feed at a time. Tried doing that – but it’s not working. The larger question is why would you read your feeds on a career networking site. This is one example of over-engineering features
  • The UI is quite dull and doesn’t engage me.
  • The Jobs section is US centric. There’s no other country mentioned there. Which is quite useless for folks from India. I don’t know why they invited me to check out the site.

So overall I think it needs to focus on getting the job search process done well, and let go of the blogging/reader aspects – or at least tuck it away and not make it so prominent.

Will it become a linkedin competitor? I doubt it. Even millenials have linkedin profiles and networks in place. Getting them to move – even as Linkedin focuses more and more towards being a service focused on jobs – would be tough.

The site also needs to think about how to attract recruiters – and showing them a value that they may not be getting at Linkedin.


PepsiCo India and’s Diversity intiative

Here’s an interesting example of a jobsite’s microsite being used by an organization for a specific recruiting initiative.

PepsiCo India has started exclusive career intiatives for women as part of their Diversity initiative at

The only strange part is that current openings are not listed.

Worth keeping an eye on this for the future.

Book Review: Engineering Admissions

There is an ages old rite of passage that students of maths and science in India go through after completing their class 12 exams.

They sit for the iconic JEE and other Engineering College exams.

Why do they all sit for the exam? Even when the admission percentage of these colleges are abysmally low?

I remember my own JEE. I did not have even a snowball’s chance in hell of getting through. Now, when I look back on it, I sat for the exam not because I wanted to be an Engineer (I was sure I didn’t want to be one) but because it was the social thing to do. Everyone in my class gave the exam. Finally some 5 students got through from our school batch in the elite IITs.

So when editor of youth magazine JAM, and popular blogger, Rashmi Bansal asked on her blog if people can help her compile a comprehensive guide to Engineering Admissions in India, I was thankful that someone was taking the huge effort to do this finally.

The book is out now and I got a copy from Rashmi and the folks at JAM to review it.

I really didn’t know what to expect. Maybe I was expecting a dry collection of facts, but the book is a huge collection of experiences of anecdotes, advice and experiences about Engineering. Questions like:

  • “Should I do Engineering?”
  • “I have a low rank in a good college vs a great rank in the neighborhood institute. Which one do I choose?”
  • “Which branch should I choose?”
  • “Which is the best coaching class?”
  • “How is life at IIT for a girl?”

All these are answered.

All this has been possible thanks to the huge number of people who responded to Rashmi’s blog posts asking for information. I would unhesitatingly call this India’s first “social media” created book.

Engineering colleges from almost all states in India are covered, and peppered with personal feedback from students who are either students there or have graduated from there.

So if you have someone at the critical decision point of class 10 and 11. Give him/her a copy of this book. They’ll thank you.

My podcast interview

Wayne Turmel took a telephonic interview of mine, where he quizzed me about the current business scenario.

You can find the podcast here and here too at the Working Week podcast series.