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2020Social Looking for 2 Consultants

If you’re interested in a cutting edge career advising clients on how to leverage social technologies and communities for business growth, then we at 2020 Social (website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter) are looking for Consultants and Interns.

Here’s more about the openings

Consultant (1): Location- Ideally Mumbai, but also Delhi or Bangalore

Role: Develop the digital marketing strategy and define the business case for social applications and community platforms for consumer and media clients. Establish thought leadership in the domain of how Indian consumers engage with web, mobile and social technologies through blog posts, white papers and conference talks. Set up the Mumbai office for 2020 Social and establish and grow client relationships. Over a one year horizon, manage a team of 5-6 Associate Consultants and Analysts.

Skills: Consumer marketing, digital marketing, business consulting, business development.

Background: MBA from IIM or equivalent with 4-6 years of experience.

Reporting to: Gaurav

Consultant (1): Location: Ideally Delhi or Bangalore, but also Mumbai

Role: Define the functional requirements for social applications and community platforms for clients. Work with internal account managers/ project managers and external design firms/ development firms to ensure that projects are delivered in cost and on time. Simultaneously, find opportunities to productize these social applications and community platforms as proprietary white label solutions that can be re-used across multiple clients. Over a one year horizon, manage a team of 5-6 Associate Consultants, Analysts and Designers.

Skills: User experience design, product management, project management, familiarity with Drupal and Facebook/ LinkedIn/ Twitter/ OpenSocial APIs.

Background: IIT/ NID or equivalent with 6-8 years of experience.

Reporting to: Gaurav

To apply go to this site.


The Delhi Blogger Meet and Tweetup

Saturday 9th May was the 29th Delhi Blogger Meet at the Maximum Store at Shahpur Jat, Delhi.

It was arranged by the inimitable Twilightfairy and Mojosanjay (if you don’t know their real names then you’re obviously not a part of the Delhi Bloggers Bloc 😀 )

The guest was Sam Miller, author of “Delhi: Adventures of a Megacity“.

Some of the other bloggers and twitterati who landed up were Sidin Vadukut, Mayank Dhingra, Saad, Deepak Shenoy, Kishore Bhargava, his wife Jyoti, sister Mala and his son. Others also included P.Jain, Ankur Banerjee, Aayush Soni, Honeytech, and the big twitterati  Vijayandra Mohanty. Some people we missed were Rajesh Lalwani, Palinn and Bhawna Sharma.

Some interesting points that got discussed were:

  1.  A common theme that emerged was that we all seemed to be spending much more time on Twitter and neglecting our blogs. The point that emerged was that twitter was a great medium to just share links and reply to people while a blog was a better place to bring out longer thoughts that needed to be mulled and reflected over. updated: I actually quoted this US recruiting blogger who posted that twitter is a stream of thoughts and context setting is impossible. If one replies to my tweet in the next couple of hours I can get the context – later than that I am unable to figure it out. Remembered due to BombayAddict’s post on the related topic.

    So Twitter is great for context free conversations.

    Blogging for setting the context and presenting a cogent logical argument. 

  2. A concern was expressed by some people that with so much virtual relationships were real world skills going to be lost – were people focusing too much on electronic medium that ‘higher’ things like reading and conversation were suffering. I disagreed with the premise, quoting Clay Shirky’s book – and saying that engagement of any level is better – than say being focused on passive consumption.
  3. Vimoh raised the point that medium like twitter enable him to have conversations with people on broader and deeper issues than the ones he ends up having with real world friends – which tend to be mundane. Guess I should have repeated this tweet of mine here. 
  4. Some others shared how twitter has been a useful tool for reporting out things like earthquakes and terror attacks.
  5. I raised the point that tools are irrelevant beyond a point. One can move from network to network and keep connecting with the same and new connections. Sairee, a friend from Ryze network was there, and though she’s not blogging and tweeting we’re still connected via facebook. 
  6. Sidin shared how he’s going to track the mood of the nation via twitter once the election results come up on 16th May! 

I guess after that snacks and cold drinks and samosas landed up which made everybody get up and indulge in one on one  and network in smaller groups.

Overall it was a fun evening.

Going back, these thoughts came to me:

gautamghosh skills a digital life builds: multi-tasking, audience analysis, meta-cognition, reflection, engagement with larger social processes

gautamghosh if you let technology control you instead of vice versa don’t blame the tech. Blame your own lack of control1 day ago from mobile web

gautamghosh skills a digital life builds: multi-tasking, audience analysis, metacognition, reflection, engagement with larger social processes1 day ago from mobile web

The India Bloggers’ Directory

If you’re a blogger then you should really check this out.

Blogworks is coming out with the first edition of India’s Blogger Directory.

Here’s Rajesh Lalwani’s post on that and here’s where you can enter your details.

I think it’s going to be a great resource for traditional media, PR agencies as well as other interested people to get in touch with relevant bloggers. As Rajesh notes, it might even be available online soon. 

Of course, the success for the venture would happen if the blogger community participates in it in large numbers. 

So I’m also doing my part in getting the word out 🙂

So what are you waiting for?

Inducements for Bloggers

Bhanu at the Indian Social Media blog posts about the practice:

Prizes, Money and expensive gifts do spoil people’s mind and their skills. But one has to understand and make their own decision, whether to support these acts or discourage these acts. Believe me, being in a controlled messaging world, I feel social media is a place where one can express his or her views openly without any hassles.

I recently came across few blogger communities who are equally supporting these acts. Please guys.. why can’t we keep these communities clean and not handover ourselves to these selfish motives.

Certainly, there are other marketers who understand the value of Blogs and other Social Media Platforms, who see that they don’t loose out the essence of this platform. I would term Social Media as People’s Media.

So let people decide what is wrong and what is right and not try to influence them with Gifts & Prizes. Of course, there can be gratifications, but there should not be any motive behind it.

What do you think? 

I think the following are OK:

  1. Marketers contacting bloggers to try out a product/service without any obligation for a ‘positive review’ – Heck, just getting exposure on a big blog and participating in conversations about the product and features is a big deal, IMHO.
  2. Bloggers making it public that the product was given to try out and they are reviewing it as a goodwill gesture. This has to fit in with the overall voice of the blog. 
  3. If the product is being given as a gift – then the blogger has to make that clear too – as that would impact the overall perception of the post. 

Overall the blogger has to ensure that his/her integrity is not called to question – if that happens the whiplash from the reader and blogger community can be vicious and have tonnes of negative fallout for both the brand as well as the blogger. 

Losing an audience means no more such inducements in the future. As the old adage goes – it’s tough to build up reputation but quite easy to lose it.

And check this example out:

Coca-Cola Co. decided to let its users dominate discussion about the soft drink on Facebook.

The popular Coke fan page on the social networking site wasn’t created by the company, but rather by Los Angeles actor Dusty Sorg and writer Michael Jedrzejewski. It had more than a million fans when Facebook called Coca-Cola to alert them that the page violated the social network’s terms of service because it wasn’t operated by the trademark owner. Take over the site, Facebook told Coke, or we’ll take it down.

Instead, the beverage maker flew the pair to its Atlanta headquarters in January, took them to a hockey game, gave them a VIP tour of the Coke museum and let them play Eric Clapton’s guitar, then proposed that they officially run the page for the company. The two agreed. It now has more than 3 million users.

“Our social media marketing approach is that we want to be everywhere our consumers are,” said Michael Donnelly, Coke’s director of global interactive marketing. “There’s significant risk in being perceived the wrong way.”

Update: A blogger shared recently that a firm he applied to asked him to review their product on his blog. When he asked if it was part of the application process, they said it wasn’t. He didn’t get round to doing it – as he was unsure what kind of blog post they were expecting out of him.

The organization also hasn’t got back to him on his application process.