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Tech Jobs at MangoSpring

Hi folks, here are some current openings@MangoSpring.

Posting it on behalf of a friend 🙂

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Careers @ MangoSpring

At MangoSpring, we are building a game-changing team. That means bringing together the industry’s most talented engineers, professionals and thought leaders. We need a group of people who can think big ideas and execute every day on a path toward a collective vision. If you think you are up for the challenge, please contact us at with a resume and other related information.

Why us?

At MangoSpring, its not about web 1.0 or web 2.0. It’s about the USERS, and we do what it takes to give them the best experience ever. Building a service that comes close to our vision, of course, requires some very sound engineering.

Our love for technology ensures that we work with the best of the tools available – be it the the web, mobile or the desktop. We work across platforms and technologies to create the best possible user experience.

On the server side, we primarily use Java, C++ and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) based technologies. On the web user interface side, Javascript, CSS and Flash are our faviorte tools. For mobile development, our favorite platforms are iPhone, Symbian, J2ME, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm and Linux.

MangoSpring is an early stage technology startup that offers tremendous opportunities to grow in terms of responsibility and scope of work. Being one of the first employees, you get to influence the company’s policies and culture.

At MangoSpring, your ideas are valued and appreciated. You will have the opportunity to be part of the entire product life-cycle, and not just write code. Careers at MangoSpring come with all the advantages of a small technology company, such as high passion and energy with low hierarchy, as well as a fun and inspiring workspace you’ll be glad to be a part of. We provide an environment that encourages learning and teaching, as well as employs strong software development practices and provides an opportunity to make a difference on a daily basis.

Geeks, Comedians, QuoteMasters, Joke-Masters – we have them all. Everyone is unique in their own way with special capabilities and a go getting attitude. We are looking for their clones now!

The compensation package offered is at par with the industry’s best, and attractive stock options are an added incentive. To apply to be a part of our team, send resumes to:

We are Hiring your Boss! (Tech Lead’s/Architects)

Yes, you read it write we want to hire your boss.

This isn’t April , so you needn’t worry about this mail being a hoax.You aren’t dreaming so no need to nudge yourself either.

Then the next question that you would have is , who hires like this !!!


We is MangoSpring ( .Guess it’s the spring in our name , that adds that whiff of freshness and originality in everything that we do.If you absolutely must know we are a technology start up working in the exciting space of consumer Internet and are looking to hire tech leads and architects across server, web and mobile technologies. And we think your boss could fit the bill.(5-8 years of experience, hands on person with the skill and the ability to manage a team)

You like your boss? You absolutely must recommend him to us cause when he comes over in all likelihood he will bring you along and
trust me we are one hell of a place to work with. Salary that matches the industries best, work culture that is built around the concept of
“happiness” ( ), Foosball, Xbox, Pizza Nites, joy of working in a product company, exposure to latest technologies, building something which your friends will use and swear by…the list is endless.

Hate your boss? Well all the more reason for you to get him off your back. We will help you get rid of him …what say?

So mail us( the name, designation, email address and current employer of the candidate you are recommending. And we will do the rest. Your identity will be kept anonymous at all times and you have nothing to fear on that front.

P.S : We won’t mind if you recommend yourself.

Web Applications Engineers (1 Opening)

What you will do?

We are hiring engineers who can make kick ass web-based applications and be responsible for design and development of the web-based interface between our complex server wizardry and the end user.

Who you are?

  • B.E or MCA in computer science or related fields with 1-5 years of software engineering experience.
  • Previous work experience with JavaScript, PHP, JSP or other similar scripting languages required.
  • Experience developing database driven, internet-based, server applications a must.
  • Experience in DHTML (JavaScript 1.0-1.5, CSS1 & CSS2, DOM Levels 0-2).
  • Knowledge with “rich web” techniques and toolkits required.
  • Experience in database design and SQL; mySQL a plus.
  • Experience with SVN, Ant, JUnit (Cactus), JDBC a plus.
  • Knowledge of Drupal or other CMS.
  • Knowledge of HCI and application UI design a plus.

For immediate consideration, please send a text (ASCII) or HTML version of your resume to

Java Server Engineers (2 openings)

What you will do?

We are hiring Server Engineers to design and develop our core services and application platform. You will write the server side code for all our web/mobile based services. The focus will be on creating robust high volume applications, and at the same time have the ability to turn around quick prototypes.

Who you are?

  • Java, Java, Java!!!
  • 2-5 years of commercial software development experience with strong, system-wide background in Java/J2EE server development.
  • BE or MS in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • Experience developing database driven, internet-based, server applications a must.
  • Experience with web services, and agile development methodologies desired.
  • Experience with Spring, Hibernate, JUnit, Annotations, Freemaker, Log4J, JBoss desirable.
  • Experience with web application language such as PHP, Python or Ruby.

For immediate consideration, please send a text (ASCII) or HTML version of your resume to

Mobile Client Engineers(2 Openings)

What you will do?

MangoSpring services are a blend of web and mobile. We are hiring a client focused engineers who will take charge of the mobile client development at MangoSpring. You will be part of our client development team and be responsible for design and development of MangoSpring’s mobile client platform and applications.

Who you are?

  • B.E or MCA in computer science or related fields with 3+ years of software engineering experience.
  • At least 1-2 years of experience in a particular client technology platform (J2ME, BREW, Symbian,Windows Mobile, BlackBerry).
  • Experience building connected mobile applications (as opposed to games) in product based companies is a must.
  • Good understanding of robust software design and development practices.

For immediate consideration, please send a text (ASCII) or HTML version of your resume to

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