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The Rains

The rains

The rains have been here,
It seems like never before
I still am living the fear,
It bodes ill in store.
I loved the heat and the drought
I liked the sweat and grime,
We loved pottering about,
In nothingness and slime.
Where can we travel to,
In this watery sheets of steel,
What we can and can’t do
When we have stopped to feel?


Another Day, Same Place

Another Day, Same Place

It’s the same old street
Where I met you,
The same old fragrance hangs in the air,
Have you been here?
The street however seems a stranger,
Did it miss us?
Traveling around the world
what brought me back to this place I used to call home?
I search for your fragrance in the air,
The strangers on the street
Turn around and give me a stare,
Ignore them…and smell more ….
No you are not there…
The trees seem so grown,
The cobblestones seem so worn…
My forehead is creased
Travelling and searching has taken its toll
Thought I’ll be able to rest here, maybe home is here
But have to move, my home went with you.


Where were you?

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Where were you?

Living through dull days,
With hot humid weather,
It was easy to forget the past,
And easy to pretend no future.

No desire to hold on to the sands,
As the breeze blew them away,
Picking up my breathing carcass,
Waiting for the kiss of life.

You say you have floundered too,
As you walked the path of life,
We were looking, both of us,
Why did we take so long?

Gautam Ghosh

Copyright �2004 Gautam Ghosh