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Business Awards rigged?

K at “Don’t trust the Indian Media!” posts an email apparently from the Outlook Money editor Monika Halan that lets the cat out of the bag about business awards. It states:

The OLM Awards are being used to fulfil the advertising goals of
the Group. In fact, we were all part of the meeting where we were told
that the award should have gone to LIC despite it not making the cut
since it is a large company with many readers as policyholders. In a
subsequent mail from the President, I was told that the concern is
that LIC has withdrawn all ads to the Outlook Group. I see it as a
clear conflict of interest between ad and edit, especially since edit
has sincerely worked on the awards in an attempt to make them the most
unbiased awards in the country — and for which we involved eminent
market professionals like Dr R.H. Patil of CCIL and Ravi Narian of