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The 1st Pan-South India XLRI Alumni Meet

For the first time ever an XLRI Chapter in a city held an alumni meet which invited alumni from other Metro cities too. Bangalore played host to the largest gathering of XLers ever. XLers from Hyderabad, Chennai, Kerala Baroda, Mumbai and of course Jampot turned up ! The total count for the evening was 475. The 2011 batch was the most represented batch with more than 50 people turning up from that batch.

This was the first time technology had played a big role in registrations, with alumni who pre-registered for the event on the XL Bang website getting an early bird discount. The venue was the picturesque ITC Royal Gardenia, who was the hospitality sponsor.

Special invitees to the event were Fr. Abraham (himself an alumnus from the batch of ‘78), current Director of XLRI, Prof. MG Jomon, the Alumni Chair, Prof. Sharad Sarin, Prof. Pranabesh Ray (alumnus from the batch of ‘77), Prof. Madhukar Shukla and Ms. RoshanDastur.

The evening kicked off by David D’Costa (batch of ’76 and President of the XLBang Chapter) introducing Mrs Sundari Thyagarjan from the ’55 batch – the first batch of XLRI – and who was felicitated by Mr Dominic Thomas (59 batch).


As the bar counter opened (courtesy the beverage sponsors Pernod Ricard, United Breweries and PepsiCo) and batch mates and friends started to mingle with each other and browse the books that XL authors had sent from across the country for the event – the fun event of the evening a special XL housie was compered by the one and only Abhijit Bhaduri. The winners got gift hampers courtesy Metro Cash ‘n’ Carry and a holiday for two courtesy Windflower Resorts & Spa. For XLers with kids a lovely kids room was available for the little ones to play darts, have yummy food and get away from the boring adults

Fr. Abe presented to the alumni on the various initiatives being taken at XLRI, including globalization plans, a new campus in Delhi and the growth of the Jamshedpur campus across the river!

Prof. Sarin updated the alumni on the XLRI Endowment Fund – the purpose and plans for the same.

Prof. Madhukar Shukla was felicitated by the XLBang Chapter for his outstanding contribution to the XLRI alumni committee over the last 14 years.


After this it was time for the festivities, with the band of the evening striking up music to which XLers from across the batches danced and had a merry time. Rohit Munjal (2001 batch) who had composed the super-hit cult song “XL ki Kudiyan” sang it and XL ki kudiyan danced on the stage! Other XL hits like “XL meri Jaan” were also sung.



With midnight approaching XLers then headed to the amazing Indian and Oriental food spread the chefs at ITC had put together.

Special thanks to the sponsors of the evening, P4P Consulting, Divyasree Developers, Sobha Developers, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, Wipro, Nokia, Pylon Management Consulting, Titan – Fastrack, Performance Consulting International, Aon Hewitt, The HR Practice, 5E Serpraise. The gifts and merchandise was sponsored by  Metro, Madura Garments, Windflower Spa and Resorts and Jacques Lemans thru’ Retail Interface.



Mumbai meri jaan

Zishaan Hayath has a list of 100 things you must do in Mumbai (Bombay)… here are some from the list:

  • Loft the ball for a six in your neighborhood ‘galli’ cricket but make sure you don’t break any window panes
  • Silently stare at the Towers of Silence and Agiaries
  • Shadow the dabbawalas for one full day
  • Walk through a koliwada
  • Ride a vintage lift in a 100 year old building
  • Travel in a local train. How about the Virar Fast?
  • Ride a double decker bus. Isn’t Bombay the only city where they still run them?
  • If you have made it to a penthouse in Bombay, you might as well enjoy the view
  • Drink cutting chai, eat vada pav
  • Gorge on late night sandwiches in Juhu

After Mumbai Terror Attacks what should India do?

This was the question I asked my facebook friends. 

Gautam is wondering what the top 3 things India should do to make itself secure. Any ideas?

Some responses I recieved were:

compulsory military training of one year between 10th and 11th grade!!

issue a readiness guideline for its citizens

deploy forces at all the borders, the coastlines are scarily porous!
cutout useless corrupt administrative staff, hike police and security agency salaries instead.
and compulsory military time before anyone can get a party ticket.

throw all the looser politicians out.

1) Change of leadership ) Change of leadership 3) Change of leadership

1. Put international pressure on Pakistan to eliminate any terror groups operating on their soil ..if they cant we can help them
2.Increase the budget for Security forces which should be able to fund the following..a crack team of NSG should be available in evry state capital with a readily available aircraft with a response time of 15 well as increase payscales hire more ..seal sea and territorial boundaries
3.Let the paramilitary and internal security agencies have greater access to intelligence from the US and Pakistan(They will have to).More imprtantly Have one agency( like NSG and not ATS..RAF etc) report into the President like the Defence Forces free from political interference (…no home ministry)

What do you think?

Social Media: Blogs, Twitter and Mumbai Terror Attacks

It’s been a tough 48 hours so far. 36 hours for me so far, as I only got to see the news on my mobile phone via twitter (and Facebook status messages)

Apparently I was not the only one.

The worldwide news establishment which was hungry for the news (presumably because of foreign hostages in Taj, Oberoi and Nariman Chabad house) and having no local presence in India and finally found Twitter posts on Mumbai and the blasts. They came to know of the initiatives like Mumbai help by Dina and others 

Soon Twitter and Blogs became the next story after the hostages and terror attacks themselves.

Here are some I came across:

PC World: In Mumbai Bloggers and Twitter (sic) offer help to relatives

CNN: How Social Media reacted to Mumbai

Reuters: Blogs Feed Information Frenzy

Sky News: Bloggers in Shock At Mumbai Terror 

ZDNet: Knowledge is Power

ABC News: Social Media a Lifeline, Also Threat?

Telegraph UK: Mumbai Attacks: A defining moment for Citizen Journalism

Indiatimes: Twitter Arises from Mumbai Ashes

CNET: The Information Flow from Mumbai

Mourning for Mumbai’s peace

Too shocked to blog anything today. Ever since I saw the news about the Terror attacks in Mumbai, I haven’t had the sense or the inclination to blog.

Here’s a list of my Tweets about the terror attack in Mumbai throughout the day.